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Summary of Week 7

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This week was interesting with the transition from Video to Audio. I really loved Monday’s class and listening to Rob Hess talk about his experience working in video. I loved his videos, and I think it’s awesome that the University gives him freedom with his creativity. I think that allows his videos to be as cool as they are.

I was kind of sad to say goodbye to the video portion of this class, because I was finally starting to like it. I think I’ll continue to play around in iMovie and make some random videos just for fun.  My volleyball team thinks this class is just about making videos, so they keep asking me when they can star in my next video. Maybe I’ll take more videos of them, make them do crazy stuff, and let them think it’s for this class. Here are the 3 videos I made for this class:

I’m not sure what to think of the Audio part of this class. I really liked what we listened to in class on Wednesday, but I’d never thought something could be so entertaining and inspiring through only audio and no video. It’s very different and I am interested in learning more. It will be interesting to create my first thing for the audio portion of the class, my vox pop. My question was “Do you even lift bro?”, so that was sort of interesting and a little awkward to ask people. Here is a response to the readings by Susan Douglas, one of my all time favorite professors.

I also made 2 daily creates this week:

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