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Outline for Final Project

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So, this is just me brainstorming, but I am pretty sure I have a solid idea for what I want to do for my final project:

This semester, I am in a linguistics course (other than this one), Langauge and Gender, and this idea for research came from this class. I have been rather intrigued by the idea that men and women use language differently and have specific features of language, and this is something I would like to examine on my own in this particular research, and in other research I plan on doing in the future. ┬á I want to investigate the use of language (via twitter) to determine if language in use is sexist or not. ┬áSpecifically, I want to look at people that I know on twitter, so that I can have background information on these people–social class, age, gender, etc. These aspects of a person go hand and hand with their language and gender. ┬áI will employ the use of a classifier to look at the sexism of language. If the classifier can accurately put the tweets in the correct gender category (male or female), then I can see if features of women’s language and men’s language do exist. ┬áSo far, for this research, I have found a few scholarly articles (some older, some newer) that suggest features of men’s and women’s language. ┬áFrom these articles, I will extract the information provided on said features and teach the classifier the features. ┬áProfessor Zacharski and I are currently working on a program (using Python) that gathers tweets from a selected group of twitter accounts at a specific time during the day. ┬áZacharski has provided the code, and I am working on getting the cron job up and running, but have been having internet issues until today. ┬áBut hopefully our program will be up and running by the end of today.



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