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Ringtone tonin it

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One of my favorite things to do in my free time is take one of my favorite songs and make it into a ringtone. It’s a simple process through itunes that doesn’t involve much work, or at least it doesn’t anymore since I do it so frequently. So when I saw this assignment, I was excited. It involves taking two songs, and mashing them up into ringtone. Simple enough, except for the creative aspect of having to pick two songs that go together relatively well. After going through a grand array of songs, about 1000 in my itunes library, I choose Stacy’s Mom (and if you don’t know this song, you should probably re-evauluate your life) and I also picked 1985, another good classic for me. I used audacity to mash the two songs, and then the envelope option so the two songs swell together rather than just have a huge clump, I also attempted this fade in/fade out dj spin between the two songs. My audio clip is just below, feel free to download for your own use (although I did not own any rights whatsoever to either song!!). This assignment was two ?’s.

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