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Daily Creatin’ it

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So the past couple of weeks have been pretty chaotic, and since the main has been audio, I decided to not focus on audio on my DC’s so that I could the best of multiple world’s, aka visual. I also wanted to dip into the next

First DC to kick me off was tdc415, which was to spell “create” while using some sort of interesting material/object to form the letters. I used Google images to help me find the letters, and I used GIMP to do the layers of each one. Here’s DC 1!

Second DC was tdc419 and it was to post a photo on flickr of your best day dreaming window, frame included. Naturally, nothing says best day dream as wondering what the beautiful day is like while you’re stuck in your dorm doing homework. Check out my window!

Third DC was tdc420 to pick a song that predicts how you want your day to go, then how it goes. Here’s mine but I usually have high hopes for my day, and getting a lot done but in reality, I don’t get anything done.

I couldn’t resist doing tdc431 because it showed one my passion’s; collecting buttons. Although it’s new, it’s still addicting, especially whenever I go to welcome fair’s or anything like that. Here’s my collection, and to properly document my buttons thus far, I used a frame app on my phone so put multiple photos together.

For this DC, I had a guest star! Since i was home, I decided to do a silly face with my little brother. Check out my picture, but it’s basically this ‘stinky face’ that’s popular among younger generations (aw geez, feeling old already!).


I decided to keep the reoccurring sillyness theme I had going for my DC’s and do the step-by-step instructions on how to be a superhero. Although my guide isn’t official, it has some pretty nifty tips in it, like buying spandex (cause what good superhero doesn’t own some?) and fighting bad guys! Look at my list here.

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