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F-f-f-foleeeey! (Challenge, which is actually challenging!)

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In this past couple of weeks, one of our assignments was the Foley Challenge. For those of you who don’t know what Foley is or what a foley artist does, it’s a technique used in not only radio but tv as well to further emphasize certain sounds so that it gives a bigger impact to the scene. For example, it could make footsteps even more dramatic. Our challenge was to take this Charlie Chaplin video  (The Lion’s Cage) and use the Foley technique to stress certain sounds during our segments. My segment was :31-1:00, and it involved all sort of things, from handkerchief pulling to tiger roars. It definitely makes you much more appreciative of noises throughout radio and tv because it was quite challenging. The next challenge was doing it all through audacity in one straight recording.


This is a screenshot of what I did, and it only took about…Ten tries? Which sounds like a lot but after awhile, I figured what noises worked best together. I used my own walking shoes for the walking bits, and drawer closing and opening for the door. Then I used the window for Charlie bumping the shelves, as well as my own voice for the roaring and screaming, even though Charlie didn’t visibly scream, I improvised. Check out my finished project below!


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