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Guess that Song!

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For one of my audio assignments this week I did The Contest Nobody Could Win which was worth two stars.  For this assignment you had to “take six very short fragments (less than one second each) from six different songs and ensemble them into a single piece.”  The only rules that there were to this assignment were “1) do not repeat songs 2) do not use covers (unless the cover is much better than the original, sh*t happens) 3) John Cage’s 4’33” is not a song!!!”

I was right away drawn to this assignment because my family always like to play the game guess that song with the radio.  While I think I am pretty good at this game, I can honestly say I take a bit more than a second to guess the song most of the time.

This assignment was pretty easy to do.  I just imported songs out of my iTunes and straight into audacity. I then cut out everything but about the first second of every song.  I did this six times and then imported them together.  I decided to leave a little bit of time in between each song so that you could have a second or two to try to recognize the songs.

Here is a picture of what it looked like when I had it all edited together:


Any idea what any of these are?

Two Stars Down!

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