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two weeks in one summary!

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Audio weeks is over, and this time unlike last time, I’m actually sad to see it go. I thought visual week was the best but I think these past couple of weeks had so much audio packed into that the practice made me more confident with Audacity and working with it. The more confident I was, the easier it became to do the assignment, the more joy I could get out of them. However, the biggest effort of audio went into the group radio show, which was nowhere near as bad as I had imagined because prior to actually doing the project, I was very intimidated by listening to past productions.

My group started off as four, however, it didn’t quite work out with two members and it ended up being me and Jazmin (ConfusedEasily). This ended up working in our favor since we live about two floors away from each other. For theme and organizing itself, we took an idea from the list for the radio shows, and went from there. The only part that was truly hard was thinking that we wouldn’t be able to make the time and would have to be scrambling for ideas but once we actually started brainstorming, it turned out having two people in our group came in much more handy. The entire idea of the radio show was out of my comfort zone because it was audio, and audio has never been a strong suit of mine. So when we did the recordings, which was divyed up as we wrote the script for our show, it definitely caused me to go in an entirely new direction. I think that having two people also forced me to be open with the idea of audio and really uphold my weight in the group (not that i wouldn’t otherwise!) because if there were four people, it would be easier to not do as much. As a whole, I am definitely pleased with our radio show. Other than this class, neither of us had really put much effort into audio, at least not recording it ourselves. As far as our story goes, I think people will find it hilarious, because i couldn’t make it through the first half without laughing and enjoying it myself so I know others will find it just as enjoyable as I do.

In the past couple of weeks, the process for the radio show has been pretty intense but since there was so much time, it made it easier. The hardest part was the layering between the audio, while the script and recording were much easier. The pressure was most intense when we had to find songs to go with the recordings, and like I said before, the editing. However, Jazmin is (thankfully!) an expert with audacity which made everything run much more simply. Although our group started off as four, and it would have been nice to have the extra people so that we could have expanded on the script and idea, it was nice to have a partnership in the project. My feelings towards audio have changed tremendously. As my previous posts show, I never had any song feelings/like towards audio but i think i now have a newfound appreciation, especially between the Foley Challenge and now this radio show, I feel tons more comfy with recording myself, sounds or even using audacity. My expectations of this project were high, mostly because it seemed very intimidating and I was questioning whether I even had the capacity to do it. However, the experience measured actually went beyond my expectations and I had lots of fun with this project. It was hard, yes, without a doubt. However, it was well worth it since I got lots of experience out of it. All in all, one of the best experiences I’ve had in the class thus far.

As for the rest of this post, it’s mostly just links to the rest of the work that came with doing the radio show. Everything helped in its own way with getting work done. The Foley challenge, for example, made me more appreciative of the effort that comes with the noises you hear in movies, radio or tv and the effort/technique that goes behind it, especially as I was making my own recording. Hopefully you won’t laugh too much at me when you listen to it! Here are my DC’s for the past couple of weeks, which are always fun to do since they’re easy and help you get on with the other more intense assignments. I also did five wonderful star’s in the forms of a Ringtone and Five Sound Story, which got me even more familiar with the perks of audacity. I also made my Radio Bumper and Radio Commercial, which were both easy after getting lots of practice with audacity from other assignments! This week proved to test my limits but also taught me a lot more. I’m happy that this week happened and we’re halfway done with the semester! :)

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