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Weeks 7 & 8: Daily Creates

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In the past two weeks we were given a 6 Daily Create quota to meet. Since most of our assignments this week were audio, I chose to make most of mine either writing or visuals ones.
The first daily create I did was to spell create using some interesting objects to make the letters. I used my extensive jewelry collection! I used necklaces, rings, watches and bracelets to do all the lettering.
"Create" using jewlery
My second daily create I chose was also a photography one, in which I had to take a picture of my best daydreaming window and add a frame to it. When I read this assignment I knew exactly which window I was going to use, it’s in my least interesting classroom and I always find myself mentally drifting out it. So one day after class this week I snapped a quick shot of it. I had to do some editing with the lighting because the window is double walled and gave off this reflection, so for that I used picmonkey.
Daydream Window
The third daily create I did was to choose two sets of lyrics one predicting how our day would be the second how our daily actually happened. The first set of lyrics I used was a song by Annie Little called “Fly Me Away”. I used these because I woke up ready to face this magical world!

The second set I used was a song by Nora Jones called “The Long day is Over” because after the whole day I was feeling exhausted and ready to pass out by a fire.

In my fourth daily create I chose to do another writing one. We had to write about one odd thing that brings us joy. For this I wrote about my love for organizing.
My fifth daily create I chose the assignment where we had to write from the perspective of an under appreciated objects point of view. I wrote fromt the perspective of my dresser, because honestly I’d be lost without it! But its never something that I really realized how much I use until this assignment!
My last daily create I did was to take a picture of something in my car and title it into something that is like a movie poster. I took a photo of my speedometer and edited it like so!
Daily Create

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