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Audio Project 2 Final: Vox Pop I Don’t Like

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St. Patrick’s Day was the perfect setting to complete my final audio piece. While at a party I heard Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like” being played which inspired me to do a Vox Pop asking people “What is that shit you don’t like?”. The song itself is very explicit so I decided to only use the parts of the chorus where he says “that’s that shit I don’t like”. I recorded everybody’s responses as a voice memo on my phone and then emailed all the memo’s to myself. I imported the memo’s into Audacity and decided to space them out in pairs of two. I ran into the same issue of having to import the entire song every time I wanted to take a sample. It wasn’t the biggest deal, only a bit annoying to cut it every time.The song is catchy because it is so easy to name stuff you don’t like. I find myself exclaiming ‘thats that shit I dont like’ to my daily issues all the time. ie: “dropped calls TTSIDL”. I think the piece succeeded at getting people to release their inner Chief Keef and complain about something for a second.

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