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Constructively criticizing

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For this week, I was to evaluate a group from the radio shows, and thank god Alan picked for us because I don’t think I would be able to pick one from all the one’s I heard the other night! For this assignment, I’m going to do a rubric and score each category based on what I thought but with comments for each one, just so that you can see where I got whatever number I choose. Each category is on a scale from 1-5, five being the excellent, four being above average, so on and so forth. Here’s what I thought of Fab Five’s radio show,”Serial Dater”!

Quality of Audio – 5! In the 30 minute radio show, I would say only about two minutes (if that) had were a bit unclear or the volume appeared to be a little low. However, all in all, the overall quality sound was perfect because you could almost always hear the audio of the interviewers, music, etc.

Quality of Audio Editing – 5! I actually tweeted about this live ( please refer to bottom of the post for all tweets during the radio show!) and how perfect it was. It seemed like such a long process to go through and edit interviews, and make sure the transition went through perfectly. To say that the Fab Five did an amazing job of this would be an understatement, seeing as this was not an easy feat, especially since they didn’t use fake voices and used live interviews! (Kudos to Fab Five, btw!)

Use of Sound Effects – 4.5! The only reason I docked a .5 was because I found myself looking for the sound effects but it was definitely used effectively whenever I did manage to find any, i.e., after interviews to make the transition smoothly.

Use of Music – 5! I thoroughly enjoyed not only the music throughout the show but also the soft background music as someone was introduced (for example, when John Mayer was introduced, a song of his was played in the background) and I thought it was a nice touch to the show.


Overall, I would give Fab Five’s: “Serial Dater” five ?’s. Why? because the show was intensively creative and involved. While it would have been easy to alter their own voices for each interview, the team worked together to take interview snipbits, so that in itself is very dedicated. Additionally, it had a sense of comedy to it and it’s relevant to the pop culture world, which is what really draws people. I think it was hilarious and a fun show.

Ratings of Team Awesome:

Quality of Audio: 5! Audio seemed to come together in the radio show, and there never seemed to be trouble hearing during the audio bits. This was most likely due to the fact that we were right next to each other when it came to recording and it was easier as time went.

Quality of Audio Editing: 5! Although it would be nice to take some sort of credit for this, I honestly do not think I could have even imagine what it was like to edit it. My partner, ConfusedEasily, went through and edit every bit of this and while I played an assistant role, it was nowhere near the amount of work. This five rating is for her because she worked incredibly hard on editing and managed to do a great job even though I was pretty useless.

Use of Sound Effects: 4! The sound effects during our radio show could have been better. They were more obvious towards the end but definitely lacked in the beginning, which is why I docked a full point because they could have been used much more effectively, such as Fab Five did.

Use of Music: 5! A big part of our radio show was the effort we put into music. We didn’t just throw songs together, which is why I gave a five because at every point, we found appropriate background music to go with the part of the show so that it was not too empty/boring.


All in all, I think Team Awesome started out rough, losing two members!, but came back strong. Our radio show definitely turned out much better than anticipated and we even got a significant amount of listeners! I think I would give us a well deserved five ?’s not just for the finished product but for the overall dedication it took. However, the ending product also deserved five ?’s because it was pretty impressive too!

see all live tweets below :) :

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