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Wonderous Webby Web Work

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This week has taken a completely different turn from the last but if you’ve been keeping up with ds106, you should know by now this is nothing new. This week involved getting involved with the web and really taking it into our own hands. One of the assignments was Story Telling Within the Web, which involved downloading a program and altering a webpage. This is one of those weeks where I wish I was better at HTML but alas, I succeeded with the majority so I won’t beat myself up over it! I have to give praise this week to Hackasaurus, which really saved my butt. At first glance, it seemed really complicated, and like a buttload of downloads but as promised, it came through despite being overwhelmed at first. So I started off this assignment but going through craigslist and finding an ad in the Fredericksburg area to keep it local, I ended up going with one from the gig section. See:


It was a very innocent, non-funny post, right? Right. So I decided to have some fun with and add some humor to the post because how else would they attract any attention?


I know, I’m quite the comedian, please save your praise until the end of my post, aka the comments. I decided to mess with the obvious things, such as the title, but I even messed with the top links, and although I failed in changing where the links led to, at least I changed the title of the hyperlink. :) be sure to comment if you find any just knee-slapping hilarious. Here is the link to its own webpage just because that’s how official it is!

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