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Woo-Hoo! Didnt Get Trapped in the Web! (Week 9: Stories in/of the Web)

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At the beginning of the week I didn’t really understand the phrase “Stories of the Web” and I thought it meant videos or books on the web. Silly thought.  Now I sort of understand the phrase more. It refers to stories told through the different interactions and processes of the web, not just a linear story found on one platform; in other words using a web as a tool for storytelling.

Blog Comment Narratives

For this assignment I wanted my fictional character to be an EXTREMELY energetic kitten who loves exploring and getting herself into trouble in the process. The name of my character was Ditzy Spazz, and she pounced across 5 different Ds106 blogs: Hello Brittany, ampersanddragon, Waiting for the Spark, my own in response to another character, and Above the Clouds. There wasn’t much interaction with my character, so I tried to interact with others to purposely drive them up a wall.
This kitten is based off of my young niece, who likes to always question the things around her and explore new places. Sometimes she runs into trouble though, which her mom always has to get her out of…


Web Assignments

I thought these would be tough at first because they involved using HTML (which I’d had horrible experiences with last year.) But these assignments were less about programming and more about structuring, making them ALOT easier to handle! The 2 Web Assignments I did were “Youtube It Your Way” and “Horrible Website Translation“. the 1st one was my favorite because I love birds!

My Group’s Radio Show

I pretty much summed this up in last weeks weekly post. After hearing it on the air this week, this was actually the first time I fully listened to it without seeing the audio tracks running in front of me. The quality came out better than I thought! The transitions and bumpers really locked the stories together and gave the audience a break between story parts. I’m glad we gave Nancy’s idea a shot by spliting the stories into 2 parts so it wasn’t just a dry run of people talking for 5min each. This helped my short attention span too.  I’m glad I got to have some radio experience before the summer when I do the real deal live!

Check out the Digital Dynamite Radio Show here!

Recycle Your Media!

Everything is useful in Ds106! Even the pieces of media that don’t make the cut! This post is to honor 4 of the ones who auditioned for a few assignments, but just were incomparable to the winners. I am not allowed to link or embed them, but rest assured they’ve been sent to the dropbox and they may be seen in the future of Ds106!

ConvergingLines– This one I ended up finding AFTER the 20 minute photoblitz window. Couldnt use it because my 20min were up and it wouldnt’ve counted. This was a good example of converging lines on campus.

RhythmDesignBlitz– This one was part of the Designblitz. I didnt use it because I found it boring. It was just a shadow casted on some stairs, supposedly representing rhythm.

BlueSkyPhotoblitz–  This again was for the photoblitz. It was a picture of the blue sky through a few tree branches. I actually had no clue what element I was searching for when I took this shot. I just took as many pictures as possible hoping they would satisfy one of the directions. Guess it never did.

Fountain-This one was such a nice picture that I didn’t want to throw it away. Actually…I didnt even plan to use this one in an assignment. I just happened to take it while I was walking around thinking it looked neat.

Daily Create Story

I used the Daily Creates “License Plate,” “Why Aliens Exist,”and “Waiting” to write a story about waiting for the alien invasion.

Check out my alien conspiracy story HERE!

This week seemed muuuchh shorter than last week because last week was 2  weeks combined. It felt so weird not having to record anything this whole week, but that’s just a side effect of Audio Withdrawal Syndrome. Now it is time for my brain to switch gears into Web Storytelling Mode.

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