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Wrapping it up!

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But not quite there! And I say this happily, especially since ds106 has only gotten easier and easier with the weeks coming! This past week was not as frustrating as others have been but maybe it’s because I’m becoming more tech savvy? (knock on wood!) This week was filled with a wide variety of assignments but definitely very involving. My personal favorite was the radio show, which really took a lot of effort but from what I listened to, it really paid off! We also got involved with the web, and learned how to mess around with it. If you’re in need for laugh, check out either my Story within the web assignment, or one of my two assignments for the five stars this week! (one! two!). This week was really nice because it’s wasn’t as anywhere near as intense as the weeks leading up to radio so it was nice to be able to take things slowly and take a break rather than just being shoved into an entire new subject. (although I have to say web is definitely topping all of them because altering was about as cool as it gets!)


Apart of our work for this week was to evaluate not only another group’s radio show but our own as well. Overall, I said both groups did phenomenal, especially since expectations are so high when you look at past classes work. However, for my in-depth rant about the radio shows and what I thought, check out my post here!

Seymour Butts

Have you ever met Seymour Butts? He has one of those entrancing personalities…Especially since all he likes to talk about is butts, literally. Any butts. Animal butts, human butts, insect butts, buttsbuttsbutts. He has a wishy washy personalities and likes to agree with people but its just apart of his charm! Once he gets you in, he’ll talk the butt off of you. (ha..ha) He didn’t get a chance to interact with anyone but he paid a visit to a couple of people such as Ms. Parker, Miss Runner Bug,  Keeping up with Kaitlyn, Miss Amber May, and even Hello Brittany!


For my DC’s, I did DC 436, which was to take a picture of a license plate that makes you look twice, which is why I choose my friend Steve’s license plate, which always makes everyone look twice:

my friend steve's license plate!

Then for the next one, I drew a picture on Paint of how I feel whenever I’m waiting on someone (tdc438). I’m usually pretty anxious and annoyed so here’s the best depiction of that:

how i feel when i'm waiting

And for the final one this week, it came at perfect timing to make something out of ordinary materials (tdc441) . Today I was volunteering at a fair, which involved making easter-related tokens for kids. I made a lamb from cotton balls, goggly eyes, scrap paper, and glue!

cotton lamb!

The connection? WELL, (bear with me!) but this week, the girl that appears to have an annoyed look on her face from impatiently waiting isn’t actually impatiently waiting but instead, she is annoyed that she’s trying to walk her pet lamb and out of nowhere, this car comes speeding by. To make matters worse, his license plate is totally offensive to her, especially since he’s in her way and not his!


Apart of our assignments for this week was to pick four reject media files! I’ll give a brief statement of where they come from but not too much information because half of the fun is in the mystery, right? For mine, I picked Only DS106 Understands, which came from visual week and when my failed attempt with GIMP. Following that one, I picked The Cuteness In Irony which came from a visual week as well, when I took a screenshot from a photo and wanted to make a gif out of it; unfortunately, it didn’t pan out but it was absolutely adorable. When I made my bumper, I choose a photo to go with it but never submitted it with my bumper, although I should have, so I labeled it Don’t mess with DS106. The final one was also from a failed visual week, when I attempted to do an assignment and picked a completely random photo to go with a photo of someone. It was an epic fail since I didn’t read carefully enough and I just scrapped the entire assignment, I dubbed it I was never good with quotes. 

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