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When I read Ebert’s “How to Read a Movies” I learned a lot of valuable things like within the context you can seek the “dominant contrast” which is the area we are drawn toward.  I also learned that concept that visual compositions have “intrinsic weighting” which means that certain areas of the available visual space have tendencies to have emotional or aesthetic reactions.

Camera work: When I watched this video the first time I thought that the camera angles were normally straight on in the face, when they were having a conversation it was close up in the face and when they were hacking it was a wide shot. The camera had many camera cuts toward the end but not that many in the beginning because it was showing where he was going no they were not really in one room with the camera looking back and forth between two people. The camera switched its views 28 times I think. The lighting of the video was mainly dark except for at the end where there were in the office it was brighter.

Audio work:The second time I watched it the pacing of dialogue was really fast one character talks really fast like really really fast. The spacing in the audio was a little bit but not that much. The use of music was good it showed the difference between how far the person was from the room and it got louder and louder as he got closer and then when the competition was over then the sound got really quiet and then there was cheering.

Put it together:The last time I watched it in the beginning there is more visual than audio as one character is walking into the competition space he talks to the person mark and then he explains things really fast and then the other person does not really understand what he is saying or what he mean then gives mark money then two people finish the competition then mark goes an checks there work which everything before was loud it gets quiet and then everyone starts to cheer again after the winner is announced  Then it goes to a different scene where they are in a law office and the other guy is talking swiftly to his lawyer and then throw some numbers out then mark stops them to check the math and it get really silent until he finishes the the lawyer talks and the two guys look at each other with spitefulness i think

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