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Next week we are¬†actually¬†started to do video¬†assignments. ¬†Like a lot of other people in our class I am a bit nervous about doing this. ¬†So to help calm our nerves, we had a pre-production step added into this weeks¬†assignments¬† ¬†For this we had to pick two video¬†assignments¬†that we¬†found¬†interesting and thought that we’d like to do next week. ¬†Here are my two:

The first assignment I am interested in doing is five seconds of fame.  I was only able to find one example of this assignment being done but it was helpful to see one that someone else had done.  I am currently at the beach with my family for Easter so I am going to try to capture something funny here to use for next week.  I am officially on the look out for something that is short and hysterical.  Wish me luck.

The second assignment I am¬†interested¬†in doing is lip sync your favorite song. ¬†This one seemed appealing to be because there is few things that I enjoy more than turning the radio up loud and lip syncing with over the top faces and hand motions. ¬†I’m got some videos from this summer of my and my swim team doing this, but I may consider doing it with some of our family while at the beach. ¬†I’m on the look out for some good ideas. ¬† I found a couple examples here and here of previous students doing this assignment. ¬†I’m hoping to get more people than just me in the video to make it a bit more fun.

I’m looking forward to next week. ¬†Seems challenging but I’m up for it.

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