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Pre-Production is my middle name…Sort of.

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The best way to prepare for something is to plan, plan, plan, and then plan some more! That’s what this next assignment is about, planning out the next week that I’m not completely frazzled in actually doing these assignments! Video assignments are by far the most time consuming, especially since MPEG involves a lot of dedication and time, so it’s good that apart of this week is to get a jump start on next week so then we’re not overwhelmed…Well at least not totally!

The first part of this assignment is to pick two assignments from the Video Assignment Bank, which is always filled with lots and lots of ideas! But of course if none suit your fancy, you always have the option to expand and do your own! However, I got super lucky and immediately found one, which was Make a MS Paint Video, but only because i’ve seen this dotoo ne twice before with two other songs (see below!) and I thought, ‘hm, that’d be really neat to finally do my own!’. For my song, I decided to do Tik-Tok by Ke$ha for two reasons 1) it’s really well known 2) its super upbeat and a lot of the scenes can be easily portrayed. It appears that no one else has done this assignment but it’s not a hard a assignment, or at least doesn’t appear that way but it’s not worth four stars for no reason. Either way, it should be a lot of fun and even if it’s as good as a lot that i’ve seen, I’m sure it’ll be entertaining anyways! So far, I’ve been googling a lot about it just because the most difficult part seems to be able to see how they get the mouths to move around with the lyrics or how they move around but apparently MPEG, as well as Paint, is going to be coming in very handy in the next couple of weeks!

The next assignment that caught my attention was one that wasn’t worth as many stars, i figured I’d only do one hard one and than another easier one!, was the Where are they now? Assignment. In this assignment, you pick a movie that leaves you hanging with what happens to the characters, and you give them an ending, showing an audience what ended up happening with the characters. I decided to pick one my favorite movies (How to Lose a Guy in 10 days) that leaves a pretty ambiguous ending, I mean, they kiss in the middle of a highway and its all roses from there? NO WAY. So I’m here to GIVE you an ending that has been well wanted. I haven’t decided exactly what to do with each person because I don’t want to make it too sappy and predictable but who likes an ever-after if the couple doesn’t stay together? I’ll also be using GIMP for some remodeling of some faces, just so you can get the real idea of then/now. The only part I’m okay with spilling the beans is that the soundtrack behind all of this will be Good Riddance by Green Day because it gives the perfect nostalgic feeling, at least for those who love the movie as much as I did. I’ve also decided to use a snipbit of this video to show where Kate Hudson might be today and the following one to show how well Matthew McConaugh is doing without her… For this assignment I will be using MPEG and the cool new tricks I’ve learned this week, as well as maybe using from of FabFive’s editing skills. (pray to the editing gods for me!)

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