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WikiAddict (exploring a movie and beyooond!)

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This was possibly the best part of this week’s assignment just because I’m a total Wikipedia junkie. I know some people are hesitant because any regular joe could go and mess around with a page but if I was reading Lincoln’s wiki page and in the middle of it, it talks about him listening to his iPod while he cut down the Cherry Tree, I’d be able to get some sort of idea that hey, maybe this has been messed with a little. ANYWAYS, i will back away the rant and get on with the assignment! This assignment involves looking up the movie from the previous assignment (here!) and to find three interesting bits of information! My movie was 300, here are the info bits I found:

  1. It took ten different special effect companies across three continents in order to successfully complete the movie.
  2. The most common theme throughout the movie was to desaturate complete sequences as well as tinted to establish certain moods.
  3. The entire production was shot over 60 days and was done so in chronological order.

According to IMDb:Genres, I think this movie would fall under the action category, especially since its one thing that it does not lack. Majority of the movie involves some sort of action, between dual fight scenes to full out battles. If anyone has even the slightest knowledge of Sparta at this time, they would also see why a movie about it would fall under this genre. Some would think it would fall in the history category but it actually lacks a lot of accuracy so it would be difficult to leave it there and feel comfortable.

The next part of this assignment was to do some video editing and take two clips from the movie chosen, aka 300 for me! and then just get comfortable MPEG and editing up videos. I used KeepVid that was introduced this week as well as watching the MPEG tutorial, which was made the entire process about 100000% easier than it would have been if I was floundering about. The idea is to emphasize the points made above. I wanted to really take the heightened mood in each of these scenes as well as the fighting and incorporate it into my montage. Here’s what I got!:

The biggest problem I had was that my MPEG didn’t have the aspect radio option under editing, (screenshot below) and although I searched Google, I couldn’t find an answer. If anyone else had this problem, and could help, pleaseee comment below!

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 7.41.23 PM


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