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You Make Me Feel Good (Week 10)

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Howdy ds106er’s!

So this week we primarily analyzed movies! The past few days kind of reminded me of a class I dropped out of my freshmen year called Intro to Film Studies. I kind of disliked this week, but I mean, I think it’s because I had to write a lot rather than go out and play with a ton of random programs and what-not. I mean, I really don’t have any experience what-so-ever in any type of video editing (okay, well I made one lousy movie for an English class project in like 8th grade…), but still, I would rather be completely lost trying to edit something than just sitting here and analyzing random movie clips. But that’s me.

Anyways, here’s the rundown for this week:

We had to do quite a few blog posts. Here are the ones I posted:

3 Time Analysis of Dodgeball Clip

Yes, I know, Dodgeball wasn’t in the Youtube folder of clips we could choose. But hey, I couldn’t resist! I just saw the movie yesterday and really wanted to analysis it. So kill me for being a daredevil :P

Exploring Dodgeball Even More

This was pretty fun. I found out a lot of random facts about Dodgeball, and even got to play around with MPEG Streamclip! I definitely had an issue of combining two different sized clips together. I asked for help on twitter, and Karissa tried to help:

But for some reason, it didn’t work. Even though I installed a beta, updated version. ):

YouTube Genres

I watch a ton of random videos on Youtube, and was glad I could use that knowledge this week. I talked about the two genres I listed in our Google Doc and gave examples. Check them out!

ds106 Video Assignment Ideas

Here, I talked about some of the video assignments I am thinking about doing next week. Read more to find out which ones I picked!

Daily Creates

You guys know the drill, we had two to do this week. Check out the ones I did!

So, I’m kind of glad this week is done because I’m super stoked to play around with video clips and editing programs and such. Eck! Catch ya’ll next week!

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