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A Look at The Social Network…

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For our Look, Analyze, Listen assignment this week, I chose to watch a clip from The Social Network, which I saw shortly after its release in 2010. The first time I saw it, I hated it. I just did not get why it was getting rave reviews. I chose to revisit it for this assignment as I could not remember much about it and did not want to spoil a movie I was interested in seeing in the future.

Camera Work:
The scene starts focusing on Zuckerberg, his head partially cut off in a dimly lit apartment. Then a seemingly random shot of a chicken, which throws me off contextually. The camera then goes to a dimly lit hallway and tracks Eduardo Saveirn as he walks down it, keeping him near the center of the frame. The camera enters a darkened room full of people, the lights are focused only on the guys in the middle of the room but the light source and direction are indistinguishable. The scene moves to a meeting room which is full of light with no discernible source and moves between people as they speak.

Audio track:
Zuckerburg sounds meek. There are random chicken noises. Cowbells and a crowd can be heard which confused me. Zuckerberg speaks and he sounds like a stereotypical nerd, with a slightly high voice with quick speech. It is hard to fully understand what he is saying. The background noise is almost overwhelming. The sounds of the crowd end with cheers and a song that sounds as if it may be played in a stereotypical college movie. The scene moves to the meeting room where there is no background noise or sound other than some random smacking on the table.

Put it All Together:
Watching it with both sound and video, I am still confused by the chicken and the cowbell noises. Why would there be cowbells at a nerdy hacker rally? I noticed how the sounds got louder as Saverin entered the room. I noticed only one of the Wiinklevoss twins in the scene. Both Winklevoss most likely would be two there but there was most only one pictured for tech reasons. Lots of noise but the people behind Zuckerberg and Saverin don’t seem to be making much noise. The sound is more confusing with the audio. The smacking of the pen on the table by Zuckerberg in the courtroom seemed a lot louder than it should have been.

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