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Do The Hitchcock****

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So for this assignment, we had to show how changing a simple cut of a video could change the view of a character’s values, beliefs, etc.  The idea came from this Albert Hitchcock video where he changed the middle clip in between two others of a face and another face and some stuff happened…  This explains it better:

Anyway, I planned this one out last week and ended up bending the rules a bit for mine.  I did three different shots because they all demonstrated what I wanted to do and all had different effects.  I don’t think that any are better than the others, so that was part of the reasoning.  I think it ended up looking pretty good.  I ended up using the disgust face because it was different.  Here’s the final cut.

The first shot was a picture of my girlfriend making  a normal facial expression.  The third was a shot of her making a disgusted face.  I used these in all three clips.

The first clip has her making a face of disgust after looking at a bag of peas.  This gives the sense that she either does not like peas or does not like vegetables.  We would have to wait more shots to determine what was really true.  Or maybe both are true.  Who knows.

The second clip is where I cheated a little bit.  I used 2 clips in between the faces because it was hard to determine what was actually going on in the shot without the tin of Skoal being shown in a closeup.  But anyway, the whole shot gives the idea that chewing tobacco is disgusting, or maybe she was just disgusted at the person, the handlebar mustache–probably all of it.

The third shot is the ambiguous one, which makes it a lot of fun.  Here, we have a foreigner–my roommate–walking into the house as she looks on.  Is she a racist here?  Did he just fart as he walked by?  This one has a lot of interpretations that could be held, which is the fun of this shot.  Obviously I would have to get a lot more done or include some dialogue to reveal the true motivations.  Film is fun.

My only critique of this is that there is not any continuity of the shot.  It is just her in front of a door, and then I filmed everything else outside–but hey, it’s a nice day out.  Wouldn’t want to waste it inside doing this, would I?  I also made a mistake in the first clipping of this film, but it’s fixed ;)

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