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5 Girls Who Kick Ass…

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For the 3.5 star One Archetype, Five Movies, Five Seconds this week, I chose to focus on the archetype of females who kick ass. I’d worked on this assignment when I was doing the preplanning last week.

My video features snippets from

And music from Truth of the Legend by Kevin McLeod

I downloaded the clips with KeepVid and cut them down into sections of approximately one second each with  MPG Streamclip. I deleted the audio from the clips from Alias and Torchwood, as it was random bits of speech and then I imported the clips into iMovie and put them together. I added the audio track then the opening title card and the credits, using the Eurostyle font in the credits before publishing it to YouTube.

I chose this assignment because I did not actually know what an archetype was. When I found out, I was quick to decide to use the Bad Ass Female archetype, as I have studied and talked about it in some of my Gender Studies classes. Katniss Everdeen was the first character that fit this mold to come to mind, but after some thinking and googling, I came up with the rest of the characters to use and quickly went about finding clips of them.

The only thing that I wish I had done differently was to add sounds to the clips of Sydney Bristow and Gwen Cooper. I was not sure how to do it or how to find the right sounds for the clips, since I actually do not often watch action films or television shows.

Despite the sound issue, I am proud of my work and enjoyed doing the assignment.

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