Movies Scenes That Changed My Life

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For 5 stars, this movies scenes that changed our lives assignment took some time to complete. The assignment calls for you to choose 3 defining movie scenes, and speak over them about their importance.  I immediately knew that I wanted to use this scene from The Lion King, because my mom loves to tell the story of how she saved me from eating bugs when I was younger. The second scene I chose is from Office Space, and finally, the last scene I chose was from the Silence of The Lambs.

Once again, I used clipconverter to download the Youtube clips to my computer, and then uploaded the clips into iMovie. For the audio portion of the assignment, I decided to try recording using iMove, rather than using Audacity like I usually do. This method worked perfectly for me, as it expedited the process because I didn’t have to transfer files from Audacity to iMovie, and it gave me a better idea of which point in the clip I wanted to stop speaking and let the movie scene take over. Here is a screen capture of my workspace in iMovie:

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 12.08.04 PM

Overall, I really enjoyed working on this assignment. It got me thinking about movies that genuinely affected me, an activity which I had never previously involved myself in. Here is the final product!


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