Weeks 11 & 12 Recap

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Completed Assignments

Get Ya New York Sports Here! ***

Gassy, Gassy Hippo **

Movie Scenes That Changed My Life *****

Number Three Is Everywhere ***

Rage Against The Russian Mafia ***

Total Stars – 16

Pissed Off Lion (Chaplin foley assignment)


The past 2 weeks of ds106 has been quite the trip. I think far and away, the video portion of the course has been my favorite. I may sound like a broken record because for the most part each week I have said I liked that week a little more than the last, but working with video has definitely been the most rewarding for me. While there was some technical learning, improving my skills with iMovie and such, the greatest advancements for me came in the storytelling department. For example, in the Number Three Is Everywhere assignment, I made a conscious decision to not spoon feed the viewer with the meaning of every image, but rather let them ponder what each one meant on there own. I was half way to completion of the assignment when I realized the previous way I was doing it would be a bore to the viewer, and incorporated no viewer involvement, so i rebuilt my work into what it is now. The Pissed Off Lion assignment was fun to work on, and really got the creative juices flowing. I tried to portray the lion as a lazy and tired animal, but one who still knew his hunting abilities. Giving a voice to an animal was fun, and was something I did more than once this week – Gassy, Gassy Hippo. Overall, I am very satisfied with the work from the past two weeks, and am glad to have the work done a day early for once!


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