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In the jungle, the mighty jungle..

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…the lion sleeps tonight! Well, except in this case! As apart of video week, we had to take our classmates Charlie Chaplin Foley sounds (see here for previous work!) and put it into the video. This is what the past couple of weeks was working to get us to work towards, and be able to do with ease. Easy work, right? NOPE, definitely harder than it seems. So I’ll give you the step by step of how it got done!

1. KEEPVID! Honestly, the best website for video assignments! i used it to download The Lion’s Cage, which took about five seconds. I’ve used it in just about every single assignment thus far, but no shame in my game! it makes things a lot easier (but ha! take that Youtube, you can’t keep us down! )

2. I used iMovie to detach the audio, it was easy enough! It’s also one of the best things about having iMovie, I’m not sure if PC’s offer this but if not, then you are surely missing out. Before knowing this option, i used to manually strip it but it wouldn’t always work.

3. I downloaded the links of the ones that I thought fit best into the video, even though they were all really good! I had to go back and replace some but overall, I didn’t have trouble finding good enough ones! ( I used 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!)

3. The video stillll seemed too plain, so I downloaded additional soundtracks from TheEarlyCinema on Youtube!

4. Since I downloaded videos, I had to use keepvid again in order to detach the audio and use it! But keepvid was nice to me and didn’t argue :) Here’s my work in progress:

C.C. screenshot

At first, I had to play around with the music because it wasn’t meshing well with the scenes but then finally I found out through iMovie how to lower the music and be able to hear the sounds. I think the music does what it’s suppose to; it compliments the scenes perfectly. We learned that music can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. I think I did an accurate job getting the two to come together and really make the video. I even renamed it in the beginning to add some originality to my clip! Here’s my clip and how I decided to re-assemble it all! ALSO, please be sure to let me know what you think of the music and whether it adds or takes away from the scene:

but let’s be honest as to what’s going on:

This is Peter. Peter’s surprising his girlfriend, Annie, at the circus where she helps take care of the animals. All the animals adore her so they’re a little bit jealous of Peter and never really treat him nicely when he comes to visit. But can he blame them? They freakin’ love her! One day they just decide to play with Peter a little bit, and well, Andy the donkey got a little carried away but how did he know Peter would end up in Goliath’s cage? Good thing it was Goliath’s nap time but with any wrong step..Well, Peter would wake him! So he had to be super careful, and he was..Until he decided that visiting Tiana the Tiger would be smart; he got lucky though on this day because her usually ear splinting roars didn’t wake Goliath..neither did Marty’s yapping! Marty’s always trying to get Peter in trouble, and even as Annie sees this, she still does not take Peter’s side, instead, she laughs in amusement at both sides! But Annie was so distracted by the two that she didn’t notice Goliath right there, and she usually isn’t so close to him because he still scares her. Peter’s trying hard to not to be loud to wake her, so what does he do? SPLASH HER, what a gentlemen, huh? Well that doesn’t wake Annie up. Nope, instead, Peter turns around just to see Goliath wake up and realize…Butter knives are more threatening! Especially since Goliath is so docile and no one ever gives him a chance to show them that. Annie misses that bit as she gets up but she does make sure to give Peter a good scolding, even though he tries to play coy around Goliath. However, no one messes with Goliath, he is the king of the jungle and gives Peter a run for his money with one good roar. Peter so far so fast that he ends up on the top of the pole, and won’t come down until Annie promises him that she’ll quit her job, which she refuses but then Peter realizes he’s afraid of heights and comes down. He realizes that if he loves Annie enough to put up with her job. THE END.

That’s how this is done, FOLEY STYLE! I really enjoyed how we recorded this a couple weeks ago and it wasn’t swept under the rug and instead it was brought back. It was an awesome way to really mix audio, and video together but having to use our wits to really get it going. I liked having to download each bit but also stripping the original piece to make it into one! I hope we do something similar to this again but it was fun to gel so many classmates together and really be able see what everyone is capable of!

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