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For this assignment, my mom was actually the one to suggest ideas. The idea was to basically pick a topic, any topic, and make a 30 second documentary from it. My mom suggests that I pick something I am terrible at, and make a video from it. I really couldn’t decide between riding a bike and tying my shoes, but after recording both, I went with the latter. I really do struggle with this, and I usually get so frustrated that just end up tucking them into the sides my shoes. Although it sounds ridiculous, it’s 100% honest. When I was younger, my parents made me get these ugly boots and said I could pick my own next pair once i learned to tie my shoes…Well, being the rebellious child I was, I didn’t learn out of spite and ever since then, I just never put in the effort. Now whenever i try to learn, i just get frustrated and give up.

30 sec documentary

*Please be sure to have hard hats on!

For this, I recorded with my phone, and then uploaded it to iMovie. The background music is I Love It, just be ironic because trying my shoes is something I absolutely hate doing! If i get a chance, I’ll also upload the video of me riding a bike..Which is actually just disgraceful because I fell twice. This was a worthy four and 1/2 ?’s, and it was fun; I think making fun of myself also added some comedic relief and you can also laugh with me on it!

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