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This assignment allowed creativity to take over and for the fun to flow! The goal of this assignment was to pick an issue of whatever (silly, serious, etc.) and make a public service announcement. I decided to have fun with these assignments to let go and let fun do allll the work. I have to say that I am a HUGE The Office fan…so I decided to let it influence my work this week. My topic I decided would be that there are too many damn people on this planet, and we need to do something about it. Like yesterday. I really just picked this out of humor because that’s what DS106 is all about, having fun, and what better way to get a good laugh then with The Office? So, I started off by using KeepVid and downloading a couple videos, like one of crowds of people, then a song to go along with the entire video I Hate People (Yup, that’s a real song), and ending with my personal favorite one of Dwight, hating people. :) I used iMovie because it makes life sooooooo much easier, and I cut up the clips so that it includes each one of the scenes that I want, as well as the News Theme iMovie offers! I did find trouble during the text I wanted to put. i wanted it to be dramatic, and go slow but every time I tried to slow it down, it just wouldn’t seem to go as slow as I wanted it to so I just let it use the standard speed but even when I still try to change the duration time, it still seems to be iffy, so that’s something I hope to fix as I continue to use iMovie over time. However, i am still pleased with my product and I’m also happy to report that it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but only because of how much practice I’ve been getting with iMovie. Anyways, this assignment was a wonderful five ?’s, here’s the final product and please like if you agree with Dwight and me!


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