Getting Grandma up to date

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For this assignment, it required to make a tutorial for Mom, or someone who just isn’t familiar with a piece of technology. About three years ago, my grandma started her own company and usually has my mom do all of her paper while she manages. However, in the past year, my mom decided to get her a laptop so that she could do some of the paper work on her own. What a waste of money that was because all she does is play solitaire on it. Her excuse? That WE never showed her how to use it! So lately, we’ve been making the effort to show her how to use certain parts of her computer. Last week, she called me complaining that she’s tired of Safari messing up her e-mails, and i reminded her that she has an app that helps her send e-mails! So I took it upon myself to use two birds for one stone: get some star’s done while showing my grandma how to send an email.

Audio Recording

I used QuickTime Player, which has this really cool option to record your screen while doing audio as well. I messed up a couple of times because I didn’t realize there was an option to record audio (i thought it just did it by itself) but I finally figured it all out! The steps were pretty cut and dry, but I managed to show my grandma  how to send an e-mail now! The best part is that this is a video, so she can come back to it whenever she forgets..And now she has no excuse for not knowing how to send an e-mail! What a five cool ?’s this was!

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