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Who are you? I am me!

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I really enjoyed this assignment just because it involved doing a recording and over the course of DS106, I have gotten extremely comfortable infront of the camera! This assignment is called I am me, and you’re suppose to make a video that represents you to your fellow DS106′ers through whatever means necessary (videos, pictures, etc.). I decided to make an intro video but also follow the example given, and use some photos towards the end. I picked items that meant a lot to me, like baking and rugby which are more than just hobby’s because they’re also de-stressors in my daily life. I also included my siblings because they’re a HUGE part of my life and what makes me, me.My youngest brother happens to be the reason I am becoming a teacher, since he’s special needs I hope to be a special needs teacher, although I only mention wanting to be a teacher in my video. All in all, I feel as though it accurately reflects who I am and gives DS106ers a good idea of me!

I am me!

*work in progress!

I used iMovie as my means for making this project, and since I’ve been toying around with it for awhile, I’m getting used to more and more with each use. I had re-record a couple of times because I kept laughing to myself but it got easier after awhile. Next time,though, I think I will truly test my skills and see if i can take my all my snipbits and make a full video from them? I attempted that buuut it didn’t exactly work out. However, I still managed to make a complete video for this assignment! I also decided to get a little fancy and add a soundtrack to the video montage (Who Says?) This video assignment was worth four and 1/2 ?’s, which is understandable since it involves recording yourself but also being creative with adding in features (like a recording and photos!). The best part is that Youtube didn’t try to stop me this time from uploading it! (surprise, surprise!) Here is my I am me video!

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