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A proposal for how my final should be proposed. Does that make sense? Well hopefully it will by the end of this post!

Step 1: After lots of searching, and going through my favorite movies, ranging anywhere from Rango to Moulin Rouge until I settled on the ever beautiful Disney Princess, Rapunzel from Tangled! I chose Rapunzel because she is one of my favorite modern Princess’, and because her story also allows a lot of wiggle room that allows me to get creative. Although she already has her own story, I’ve decided to completely flip things around and really give her a different perspectives on the entire story. SO, rather than sending her own the whirlwind long lost princess arc that she was originally given, I’ve decided that Rapunzel will not be hidden in a tower against her own will. Instead, she and Mother Gothel pimp out her services.

Rapunzel’s story begins at a young age, while the King and Queen are out for a carriage ride with the toddlers Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder. On this unfortunate day though, the royal caravan is ambushed, with the princess getting lost in the process. Mother Gothel finds the child in the forest on her daily walk of evil and decides to care for the child, realizing what her hair can do, giving her further incentive to care for the princess. As Rapunzel grows older, she decides to one day venture out on her own. However, her first experience was a traumatic one as she almost dies from a wolf attack. Mother Gothel shows Rapunzel the good her hair and do, and together they use her hair to their advantage; healing those that travel near and far in return for a hefty price.  Mother Gothel at no point reveals the true identity of the lost princess. The climax comes when Flynn Ryder comes to Rapunzel, and while he recognizes her, Rapunzel has no recollection of him. At the fear that Flynn will ruin all Mother Gothel has built for the two, she banishes him from the tower, telling Rapunzel that he is nothing but a con artist. However, while Mother Gothel is  on holiday, Flynn returns, pleading with Rapunzel to let him take her to the kingdom, and show her the world is not as she imagines or has been told. Will Rapunzel follow Flynn, discovering her true identity and realizing the world is not as cruel as she once assumed? Or will she remain forever sheltered? Stay tuned to find out!


Step Two: How I will tell my story: *SPOILER ALERT*

Visually: I’m going to use the Visual Assignments  to create an advertising poster but animate it, which is why the assignment is  called Animated Movie Posters! This is to promote Rapunzel and Mother Gothel’s business. It’ll also attract people and also how Flynn rediscovers the long lost princess! = 4 ?’s!

Audio: I’m going to do an audio story for Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder’s conflict as he convinces her to leave the tower, and that the world is not so bad. As they leave the tower will be done through a sound effect story! = 3?’s!

Video: I’m going to do some video incorporating in this assignment! To show their journey effectively, I’m going to an Animated Music Video, mashing up several scenes throughout the movie to push the story in the direction that I want it to go in! This will include Rapunzel rediscovering the world, seeing that it is not as they thought it was, and when she comes to see the Kingdom again, which is basically the bulk of their journey. = 4 ?’s

Animated GIF Assignments:  As Flynn Ryder tells Rapunzel she is the long lost princess, and while she doesn’t immediately believe it, I will show through a Multi-Frame GIF Story her realization of who she really is. = 4 ?’s

Video/Design: For the last piece of media, I’m going to the PSA billboard as well as the Public Service Announcement Video Assignment to show the world that long lost princess has been found and returned to the kingdom! It will also announce something about Mother Gothel that you will have to wait and see to know more about. ( ;) ) = 8 ?’s

This is what I have so far for my final proposal, make more sense? goood! if not, ask questions! I have the entire story plot written out and as much as I would love to spoil it all, I have to leave something for the imagination, right? I hated how in the real movie, Rapunzel was made to seem so weak and naive, so this time around, I wanted her to have chosen to live in the tower. Yes, it wasn’t under the best circumstances, but it was still her choice! I wanted to show that she does have more control than it seemed at first. Hopefully I’ll be able to accurately show this through my media. in total, it will take about 21?’s to show what I have in mind. However, i definitely seeing it needing more to tell the story but we’ll see how it goes!

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