Alas, those pesky stars! (part two)

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 Mashup 2 (four star’s!):

The final finale of stars, and all the glory they hold! For my final star assignment, I did as I usually do and i had fun with it! I decided to the Actors Transformation assignment, which involves picking an actor and making a video that shows their careers as they grow older. I decided to do Dakota Fanning, who I’ve always been a fan of, even though we’re only six months apart. She’s one of the few child stars that have been in the spotlight but never steered off the right path. While I understand that all stars are human too, it’s also important that as a star, they have a significant influence on younger generation with what they say or do. Therefore, I chose Dakota because she has always been a strong actress, an amazing one at that too, that remains a strong inspiration. She doesn’t give us a reason to wince when she shows up on OK! magazine, and I think that’s very admirable! So I was proud to take four clips (here, here, here, and here!) of Dakota’s work over the years to stress her career as an actress! As usual, I used Keepvid to convert them then iMovie to do the rest of the nitty gritty work (tutorial here!). Here’s what I got!:

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