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Apart of this week’s work was to also finish out our contributions to the class and really make our marks! An essential way that we had to do this was through creating assignments for future classes, which was way more exciting than I thought it would be! Actually, my first assignment was made awhile ago because I had been anticipating this so it’s awesome that I finally go to submit it.

ASSIGNMENT #1(VIDEO): The first assignment I submitted was a Survival video! This idea came to me when my mom told me that she would never be able to survive as a freshmen in college because it is so different than when she was younger. So, I took this opportunity to make her video of some important things that would potentially help her survive her freshmen year if she had to go through it again. I made this four star’s just because it takes a lot more creativity than most would think. I just happen to have an ah-ha! moment that really helped me but I hope when people see my video, they also have those ah-ha moments that make the assignment easier. However, for those who don’t, that’s why I wanted it to be four star’s.

The day we went on a roller coaster!

ASSIGNMENT #2(VISUAL): The second assignment I created as Adventure In A Day! Which only came to me after my friends and I were fooling around on my photobooth, pretending we were underwater, or going to Paris for the day. So I figured, almost every computer, or smartphone, has some sort of way to put themselves in a background to make it seem like they went on an ‘adventure’ for the day. Apart of the assignment is to also create a story around it, which is two star’s. However, if you make the effort to take multiple pictures and create a bigger storyline, than I would add a star for that extra effort and creativity!

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