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Movie Trailer funfunFUN

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This assignment involves picking two movies, and changing their meaning around by switching up the audio with the a totally different video for whatever reason. Here’s what I decided to do:

  1. I went through different Youtube trailers to find just the right two videos. I settled on Insidious and The Ring. The Ring being absolutely terrifying and Insidious not so much. 
  2. I used KeepVid to convert them both onto my desktop.
  3. After converting them, I used my movie editor (iMovie) so that I can cut,edit, mix, and match!
  4. I decided to use The Ring trailer with Insidious audio. To successfully do this, I had to detach the audio then shorten it to follow The Ring; all of this can be done by simply right clicking on the selected part. It gives you the option to detach the audio, and to shorten the video length. Luckily, the end of the Insidious audio is just suspenseful music!
  5. I fiddled around until I got my happy results.
  6. I exported it to Youtube!

Here are screen shots to help you along the way:


^Looking through Youtube for trailers!


^Using KeepVid to convert/download the videos onto my desktop!


^Importing to iMovie!


^Uploading to Youtube!

Here’s my ending result too!:

All in all, I’m satisfied with my results. It isn’t easy with dialogue to find a movie that goes with it..At least rather well/good enough. However, i’m happy that I did a good job because I really enjoyed how at certain times, when the suspense hit in Insidious audio, it also climaxed in The Ring trailer. This assignment was four star’s and hopefully with tutorial, it becomes a whole lot easier to do!

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