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Pretty within the Webby Work

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Remix wouldn’t be quite remix unless we had to do some craaazy stuff involving the assignment bank and that pretty little remix button that has been sitting there all semester. One of our assignments this week was to press and press that button until we found an assignment that we liked, and actually do it. I got lucky on my first spin and go a pretty cool assignment, which was Story Within a Web meets Pretty in Pink. I’ve done the first assignment, Story Within a Web, before but now this is with a twist; the twist being make everything involved pink (either literally or figuratively!), inspired by the movie Pretty in Pink. The idea of this remix assignment was to take someone elses’ from the examples listed on your page and make it your own…which is the essential idea of remixing. At first, it was harder than I felt it should have been. Although I tried not to immediately pick one of the first examples, I had no choice since there was a limited array. However, I’m a content with my choice!


This wonderful image came from Nancy Belle’s blog, and I picked it because it has absolutely nothing to do Pretty in the Pink, which gives me an even bigger challenge! The best part of the Story Within a Web is that you can really alter it and since I’m a girl, giving it a pink touch proved to be a lot easier than most would think!

So when I first started working on this, I was thinking very narrowly and literal. I was thinking, ‘okay, so pink quotes everywhere!’. Then I realized that pink means to much more than just the simple color. Pink means being feminine, pink means soft, pink means being proud to be who you are, pinks means elegance with class, pink means being confident and happy. I’m happy to say that I think I created an empowering page! Pink symbolizes such a strong message for women, and as I worked through the assignment, I decided to incorporate a much more broad idea of the color pink. I used X-Ray Googles to mess around with the page, and found quotes all throughout Tumblr!

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 3.07.52 AM

I also published it at this website: . I think I understood the concept of this assignment very thoroughly, especially the remixing aspect. Remixing is more than just tweaking one thing or two; it’s about taking the assignment as a whole and changing it to an entirely new meaning than the one that it had previously. This assignment helped me draw the clear line between mash-up and remix.


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