I Much Prefer Twitter to Facebook, Except in This Case

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I am almost always on Twitter, it’s actually unhealthy. However, when it comes to creating social media for famous or fictional characters, the Twitter tool is very lacking since it only allows one tweet at a time (I mean I tweet one time per 30 minutes). The facebook tool, while outdated still has some great features and can do a really good job of telling a story.

For the facebook that I made for Prince Eric I decided to focus on setting the mood for the story that I want to tell. As you can see, he takes his trip in which he has a great night and can’t stop singing (I mean he did meet Ariel after all). They then become friends on Facebook and you can see the rest from there. The thing that I really liked about this was the timeline that you can use. Having a timeline in a story is so critical to help people have an idea for what exactly is going on.

There really isn’t much more to say about this, I used the classroom tool of Fakebook in order to create the page. Some of Eric’s friends on the side are Ariel’s sisters and workers in the palace, all of whom are featured in the movie.

Stay tuned for the final project!


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