I Only Do My Hair With a Dinglehopper

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The secret to my beautiful hair? The dinglehopper. Seriously, it works so well!!

Don’t know what a dinglehopper is? Well here is an advertisement for it that you may see on a normal basis:

Tricked you! You thought it’d be a real advertisement. Nope, believe it or not I made this masterpiece by myself, with a headache on the side. For my final project (in which the story will be told in a blog post to come within the next 24 hours), we have to incorporate different pieces of media to tell a story and part of my story requires there to be an advertisement for a dinglehopper. If you haven’t been able to tell yet, the dinglehopper in the mermaid world is actually a fork in this world. However, they believe that it is used for hair instead of food. What silly cartoons they are!

Since this was not a video assignment, the first thing I did was create an assignment for it, which you can see here. I decided to make this one 4 stars. I know that is may seem like a lot, but you really have to find a bunch of different clips throughout a movie in order to create something. It takes a lot of planning and it also takes strong execution, which made me think that 4 stars was completely appropriate.  Now that I had the guidelines in place it was time to start working on it.

There were a lot of different clips that I used in the creation of this ad because there are 3 aspects in the movie where the dinglehopper is used or mentioned.  The first clip is interesting, because it actually is a video from this video, but the audio of this one. Yes that is right, the first video has talking in Thai. Now you may be asking yourself, Karissa why would you do something like that? Well I had the same video and audio, but for starters the video had subtitles which bothered me. But secondly when I was using Windows Movie Maker, everything was all fine and dandy. However, as soon as I went into mp4 the file would freeze for 3 seconds, the 3 seconds where the dinglehopper was mentioned. So, I ended up having to use a video, and then taking the audio and adding it into my Audacity file (which I will explain later).

Next 3 clips that I used were all from the same video, which made things nice for me in the editing world. I have scuttle announcing it, and Ariel anxiously wanting to know what it is, then followed by Scuttle’s explanation of how to use it. His explanation just makes me laugh every time because it is something that I feel like would actually be said in an infomercial. That part was just simple cutting the clips down to where I wanted them and putting them in the right order. Children’s play.

The final new clip that I used was this one of Ariel using it to brush her hair. It is a classic scene and is a great demonstration of people using the product, which is another common thing in infomercials.

But what is more common than a voice over? I’m not going to lie, I looked into Billy Mays videos to see what I could work with, but then I lost my Internet connection. While working in Windows Movie Maker, I have a bunch of imported media from other projects I have worked on including  this one about a Snuggie informercial. I decided to listen to it and see what I could get, and I added in audio aspects from this video. The upbeat music that is playing throughout the commercial is the music featured at the end of this video (just copied and pasted) and I decided to add in Ariel calling it a dinglehopper instead of the narrator calling it a snuggie! That really was just basic Audacity stuff, which then allowed me to add in the audio from the first clip when the time came to it.

So I simply imported the audio in and I had a video! However,  the ending seemed a bit anti-climatic. So I showed the details of all of the different things the dinglehopper features and what it can do for you! Typical infomercial ending antics. I made that in Power Point and saved the slide as a JPEG and was good to go!


I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you tune in later to see what my final project has in store!


Thanks for reading,

Princess Karissa

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