Advise for future DS106ers

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I can’t believe I’m at the point in DS106 where I am giving advise for all future ds106ers! I remember back to my first week in the course and watching/reading advise from DS106 alums! So crazy!!

This semester has flown, I’ve learned so much from this class and feel that I’ve become a more creative person through this course. Alan, you were a huge help all semester and now I wish that all my professor’s had twitter because that was such a great way to communicate to you!

So to pass on my advise and words of wisdom, I created a video! Originally my video was 10 minutes long, and I figured “Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that” so I re-recorded myself and made it under 5 minutes, because really, who wants to hear me babble on and on!

So future ds106ers, I hope you take my words of advise! They will help you, promise!

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