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Climax to the maximum

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For the ultimate climax of the entire story, I decided to make my own Video Assignment because i felt like none of them really covered the idea i had in my mind, and as always, we’re encouraged to make some new assignments. The assignment I submitted (3 stars!) was to take a dramatic scene, and not only make it more dramatic but also add a different meaning to it! That is exactly what I did with my story of Rapunzel. The climax of the story is when she finally realizes through Flynn Ryder that she is the long lost princess, after some convincing of course, because is stubborn as always. Her flashbacks show as she begins to think of all the memories, and how it finally connects after Flynn tells her who she really is. This is the climax because it’s all up to her what to do — venture back into the world and meet her new family, while leaving the mother that raised her, or remain in the tower with Mother Gothel.


I made this video by downloading videos from KeepVid and then using iMovie. It was honestly pretty easy for me just because I am so good with video now! I know i’m totally playing favorites in my final project with it buuut i can’t help it! I l absolutely love it. Of course I couldn’t have learn to do it without all the practice, which is another reason why i keep using iMovie and video assignments; I wanted the final project to be awesome and show my skills off, so yes — for once in DS106, i am going to flaunt the skills i have acquired. See the video below!


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