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Finally Final

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This is the officially last blog post for ds106, at least grade-wise. HMM, lets take a moment and a round of applause for all that Spring 2013 has completed this semester…done? Great, me too! Well I made it! This is it…this is my final summary post. Wooo! It feels good, it feels exhausting but good nonetheless. I will let you know ahead of time in my not-so damsel in distress story of Tangled!, while I used three types of media, I’m officially a video-junke. I wish i could say sorry but I found my knack and I’m not apologizing for it one bit! However, here at all my nitty gritty details that you’re foaming at the mouth for.

Well, here we are…Final post. I’m trying to ramble but there is nothing to ramble about. it was awesome, and while I may post here again/will always be a ds106ers, I can’t help but be happy to be done with semester yet not with this class. HOWEVER, pleasepleasepleaaase make sure you comment on my final project and let me know what you think/ if I used the right media to portray the right things. THANKS!

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