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Healing Hair; What doesn’t the world have?

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For my second assignment, i decided to make a an Animated Movie Poster (four stars)! This meant trying my luck with GIF, again. Although the first time was really hard, it was also very rewarding, so with the mindset that I can only fail again, I go to work on a GIF! The purpose of this GIF was to advertise Rapunzel and Mother Gothel’s business of the advertising hair. This shows how Rapunzel actively chose her fate; in the movie, Mother Gothel hogs Rapunzel and doesn’t let her leave the tower. This time around, Rapunzel isn’t going for that — instead, it is her idea to advertise her hair for profit. How lucky for her, though, because it is exactly what drives Flynn Rider (who never gave up hope that she was alive!), tracks her down and finds her. He doesn’t immediately reveal his identity to her, instead he slowly tries to convince her to go back into the real world and then he drops the bomb! Of course, that comes in good time. For now, here is my GIF.

So i took this original picture from, because it best emphasized Rapunzel and her luscious locks; exactly what I was looking for.



Then I played around with GIMP, and i decided that since it’s an Animated poster, it should have some sort of glowing feature — to really advertise her hair so that people know what they want. I primarily picked this picture because I like Rapunzel’s stance in it; she has a devilish look in her eyes, and she’s standing there as if she’s dominating the photo. As I’ve said, I really want it to be clear that Rapunzel is the master of her fate rather than the usual damsel in distress.  It hard really trying to figure out how to really do the layer so that I could add the glow in only some of the layers, but with the help of this guide, I managed to figure out how to add in layering as well as the glow feature I wanted. Since my GIMP isn’t exactly photoshop, the coloring of her was limited. Regardless, I was still extremely impressed in the results. I had to resize it twice because I was getting either an error from wordpress but than when it would upload, the animation wouldn’t work. However, I’m still working out the kinks! I also tried to fix the grainy look it has, which apparently I’m the only one that actually sees it, but that’s about it. I’m actually happy otherwise.



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