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Tangled (the not so damsel in distress version)

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Story Introduction: Once upon a time/ Not too long ago,

Lived a baby princess cute as a bow/ she was the heir who knew nothing but love/ who wouldn’t hurt a dove/ she had caring parents and flynn the best friend/the one who would care until they very end/  but that came to an end all too soon/ what appeared to be a very happy afternoon/ happened to be a day they would never forget/ as the carriage flipped the biggest regret/ was how the baby princess got lost the day/ although they looked and looked, somehow she got away/ but little they did know she was just fine/ for mother gothel saved her just in time/ with a flower, the baby was okay/ but since her hair became magical, she was there to stay/ years and years went by/ the king and queen would still cry/ for they thought the princess was dead / but she was okay, every hair on her head/ she never left tower in fear/ because it was very clear/ that the tower would protect from the danger /that would come with any stranger/ but one day she decided to her hair/ which was very rare/ to help her and mother gothel make some money/ but isnt funny/ how one day, flynn ryder saw her sign/ and a chill went down his spine /as he traveled far and wide/to see his future bride.

*The rest of this will not rhyme, fortunately*

Flynn Rider encountered the princess after seeing her advertisement,


feigning a sickness but the truth was that he recognized her as the princess. After she healed him, and Mother Gothel went on errands, he returned. He told Rapunzel how interested he was in her hair, and she laughed at his curiosity. The two talked for hours until he asked her if she ever saw the world, which is when she revealed that she had once and it was a terrible experience. He would spend the next couple of days coming when Mother Gothel would leave, keeping Rapunzel company until one day, he decided he would convince her to leave her tower. Although it took much pleading she agreed, much to her chargin. However, going into the real world turned out to be more amazing than she could have ever imagined; she sang with strangers, went into the Kingdom and saw all it had to offer! She was so amazed that she real world was nothing like she had experienced the first time around, she couldn’t help but wonder if this is what she had missing her entire life.

That day, before returning to her tower, Flynn decided to tell her the truth about who she was. Rapunzel felt so betrayed, she couldn’t believed he lied to her and now he was fabricating stories to get her hopes up about some long lost princess. She climbed back into the tower, never wanting to see him again. She cried in the arms of Mother Gothel, then stayed in her room for days, not wanting to anyone, especially Flynn after what he had done. One day, he brings her a flag with the town symbol, a flower that once represented the long lost princess, vowing he would never bother her again. Moments later, as she stared at the flag, it was as though all her memories came back at once,¬†she¬† was the long lost princess! But what did this mean? What was she to do, leave the entire life she had created for herself? She was so lost.

But with Flynn and Mother Gothel at her side, she knew she wouldn’t be able to forget this. She belonged somewhere. While she loved Mother Gothel, she knew she could not sacrifice her happiness for anyone any longer, she could not stay locked up in the tower because she had a home, somewhere she belonged. Mother Gothel said her good-bye’s to Rapunzel, feeling responsible for keeping her from her family and she moved far far away. Rapunzel was reunited with her family, there were no questions because she was the spitting image of her mother. ¬†The entire town celebrated after it was announced everywhere! Flynn was praised by the family for bringing her back, and completing the royal family once more.


..And they all lived happily ever after!

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