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The third part of my final project was to show Flynn Ryder convincing Rapunzel to leave her tower and cocoon of protection. I did a mash up of two assignments from the Video Assignments bank, Music Video and Animated Music Video┬áto really get this part across. This was after Flynn Ryder finally convinced her to leave the building, and how she’s hesitant to become apart of it, but Flynn Ryder takes her around the town (to a bar, and than to the Kingdom), he shows her that the world is not as bad as she once thought it was. Instead, she has an amazing time in seeing that the world is not as bad she once thought it was. However, Ryder’s true intention will soon come out.

To complete this assignment, I used KeepVid to download each of the clips from Youtube, followed by iMovie to upload and rearrange them. I had to detach audio and then use the music from the first clip throughout the entire video. I really wanted to show how Rapunzel actually had an amazing time going out into the real and that the first time she tried it, it was just an accident that the wolf attacked her. Also, Ryder needed to butter her up as he prepared her to tell the ever shocking news. Here’s the video that I made.


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