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Design Blitz

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The following gallery contains photos that I took while on an adventure that we are calling a “design blitz”. We were given concepts to capture and resources on how to understand these concepts. The concepts included: color, typography, metaphor, minimalism, form/function/message, balance rhythm, proportion, dominance, and unity. I will describe what I think each one means and what I saw that concept in.

Color – there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Looking down at the mix of colors between the purplr hydrangea, its green leaf and the white table represented a solid piece of color coordination.

Typography – I chose the separate olive oil bottles to show the difference in typography. Bertolli – standard in comparison to the Trader Joe’s bottle.

Metaphor – We chose the logo of a FSC to show the example of a metaphor. As you can see it is supposed to represent a tree but it is something that we have never seen before in reality. It is a metaphor for a tree.

Minimalism – Apple macbook cover is the prime example of minimalism. Conveys power and exactly what you need to know with the most minimal information.

Form/function/message – Chose the two wine bottles as form/function/message. The two convey a different message. Charles Shaw – standard. Blue Fin – fun and authentic.

Balance – The playing card conveys balance by reversing the image and flipping it.

Rhythm – The clay side table has a pattern that represents Rhythm.

Proportion – Jo Malone perfume

Dominance – is seen in the Swan and coy photo due to the dominating swan figure.

Unity – The rug conveys Unity by incorporating the same pattern in multiple angles to create a cohesive image.




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