Week 13

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This week, I worked with Agent Roderick Rush in coming up with ideas for our final ds106 mission. For this project, we are using the prompt that Professor Bond has been working with the Russians, and in our mission we plan to find out why and what he’s doing. Each of us will be working on assignments from different categories to act as pieces of evidence to expose this secret plot. At least for now, we are planning on connecting the pieces of evidence with journal entries or similar pieces of writing that will tell the story of our mission. For the evidence, we will be creating audio assignments like “recorded conversations”, web assignments like Google Maps of Professor Bond’s “locations”, visual assignments like spy passports, and other types of assignments that will help us find out what Professor Bond has been doing with the Russians. We are still coming up with the plot of the story and some of the details, but those will come soon along with our assignments.


This Twitter poll might work as one of our pieces of evidence:

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