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But first, coffee!

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from the book Blend 37 – Pippa Bow

A week had passed. On a Friday afternoon, Pippa picked up Tess from the airport and Tess couldn’t stop talking about the amazing time she had had with Gibson who was now heading off to New York where he had to discuss a case with one of his mobster clients. Pippa laughed about who Tess called gangster some people from well-known institutions. They arrived at their Belgrave home and Pippa joined Tess for dinner.

Early Saturday morning Tess walks over to the kitchen. While preparing her first cup of coffee she is checking the latest news with a bad surprise. She reads the headline of the front post, Asian multimillion merger with global network failed. She puts the coffee down than shouting out loud: “This son of a bitch!”

The text below stating Ms Wonder Woman enjoying her Mediterranean cruise and had a blast on Tuesday nights VIP party in Magaluf. Followed by party pictures and a picture from the dinner with Marcos. Below the line stating. Just a business dinner? Jackie’s lawyer Marco who defends her in the Asian Media companies prostitutes Scandal and Miss Tess who arranged the merger between Asian Media and NW.

Tess is jumping in a square while she reads the full article that says that the network has backed off from the deal because of leaked information and obvious taking advantage of insider information. Tess is speechless. The picture shown from the dinner are the pictures she had been posted on her Facebook account. But she could not believe that any of her close circle would have done that. Disappointed she walks over to Pippa knocking at her door and. A half sleeping Pippa with a sixties-I -just-woke-up look opens the door.

 “Need some coffee or egg?” Pippa asks.

“No!” Tess replies shortly.

 “Anything else missing?” Pippa keeps asking. Tess is again answering with a no.

Tess holds her phone with the article under Pippa’s nose.

“Look at this, the Network rejected the deal because of this nice article.”  Pippa looks at the party pics.

 “Who the hell did that, where do they have the dinner pic from, that’s the picture you posted to me, didn’t you?” Pippa is now fully awake, and anger rises in her.

“Exactly, I only posted it on Facebook, privately to you and a view more. And I do trust them all. None of them would leak it, and certainly not to the press, I have worse photos from all of them.” Tess thinks further.

“Well, I guess at least one will sit with his greatest pleasure reading this article, Ryan, he never liked me on those deals.” Somehow, she has a sense that he would be really the only person who would love to see her failing a deal and wonders.

 “I wouldn’t be surprised if he has anything to do with it!” She shouts out. “Damn! With this scandal I can look for another job! Prostitution within media station who promotes projects on social welfare and poverty in far eastern regions.  But I don’t believe this is true! I know Eileen, she leads that Media agency, this cannot be.” Tess is upset.

 “Wow, this is really at high stakes, what are you going to do about it?” Pippa asks.

“I will talk to Eileen and then, yes, contact my new best friend who I have jiggery poker on boat trips with, Marco!” Tess responses snappy. “Yeah, that could be an idea, he might be the right lawyer for that.” Pippa replies cynical with a smile. “A dinner with your boyfriends business friend can be a real crime nowadays. I’m sure you are in good hands with him.” Pippa continues.

 “Yeah, posting pictures on Facebook! They did not get those pictures legally, these were private pictures, taken on a private location. I wonder how they got them. Someone is trying to frame me, and I bet I know who.” Tess still upset.

“Ryan’s girlfriend, the Editor in Chief of that paper who published this bullshit first!” Tess shouts. “I don’t get it, what’s her interest in ruining this Asian Media channel? They really do great work on woman work force and environmental issues in Asia.”

What’s her interest about it, to screw you?” Pippa asks. “Well, being with Ryan might not be such triumph as it seems. Maybe she found out that it is rather disappointing being with him than an asset to have! Well she should know, who screws me gets it twice as bad back.” Tess gets back to normal.

“Okay honey I got to make some calls, to sort this out and find a new investor. I guess you are busy, too, aren’t you? You have the new project running and you are involved in the Award event planning, aren’t you?” Tess asks while taking a sip of her coffee.

“Yes, I have to make comparisons for all the offers and prepare bids.” Pippa replies. “Oh, I need to do this as well. I need to find a good fit!” Tess says walking back to her flat and continues her work.

“I wish I had an app for that an it would take me only one click.” Tess swarms. When Tess was upset, she really reached her high on inspiration and her ideas were just flowing. An app that was a great idea, Pippa thought. This was something she could easily program, and it was for both one for finding investors this one she could use for her study project and she could use that basic idea as well for her job for managing those merchant offers, that was a great idea. She immediately started some research for all essentials necessary for finding investors.

By Sunday evening she had the first version ready, knocking on Tess door. She joined Tess for dinner, the two ordered Chinese and Pizza and Pippa encouraged Tess to download the prototype of her app, helping her to find a new investor. Tess was screaming for joy.

 “That is amazing, darling, this brings up really good sources. Let’s get in touch with media one. I think Marcos knows the CEO, let’s play our jiggery poker, as we do it, even we don’t do it, so we can use the whole story to make something out of it.” She dials Marcos number who picks up the phone.

“Hey, Tess how are, you, I hope you are not hiring prostitutes again, don’t you?” Marcos jokes.

 “No, I moved on to hiring IT programmers, they work more decent at night and pay their taxes.” Tess replies.

 “OK, good, my dear, I see you make better choices now, don’t you?” Marcos asks.

“Well, I try my best to keep it legal.” Tess says.

“So far, I have some information about your lovely ex, who seems to be a key figure in this whole thing, and I promise you to get him. But the deal is probably gone I think there is nothing to get the Network back on.” Marcos replies.

“Yes, I know, this is why I am calling! I am looking for a new investor, and actually, my neighbor programmed an app for this, something else we need to talk about as this works amazing. We came up to Media One now, and I think they are really a good match.” Tess introduces her plan.

“I would love to have your advice on it, and to ensure we won’t experience another blow like with the network.” Tess says.

 “Yes, leave it to me, I know them quite well, I will figure it out and let you know, but yes, this is an amazing fit, well researched!” Marcos complements.

“Thanks to that app!” Tess replies, “I would not have thought of it to be honest.” Tess confesses.

“Yes, that’s excellent we have to discuss this further, I will get back to you as soon as I know more.” Marcos says and they put down the phone. Tess turns to Pippa.

“Congrats, darling, he will figure it out, I am sure we get a new deal and he is interested in the app! I guess you’ll be set for the year, financially” Tess hugs Pippa and fills some champagne glasses.

 “Wow, then I can kick my super part-time job with this asshole, yeah!” Pippa throws in.

“Well, darling, I would suggest you, to hang in there, if you do that app for that agency you really can make yourself a name for it. You got to overcome that bastard. He got all the contacts you need. You have to make use of that. I don’t know how he does it, but he is really good at that.” Tess advices.

“Yeah, you’re right. I will suggest him to run this whole process through the app.” Pippa agrees.

“Good girl!” Tess compliments. “Oh, and that coming from the badass girl?” Pippa jokes.

 “Well, good girls are bad girls never caught.” Tess replies then adding “And have a good lawyer.” She smiles and the two cheer their champagne glasses.

 “Let’s chill and cheer!” Tess says and the two throw themselves on the sofa, turning on the TV and watching an episode of “Dancing with the stars.”

Read the full story here Blend 37 – Pippa Bow

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