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  1. Andrew Forgrave

    YEE HAW! It’s a Bronco Rider GIFfight!

    @iamTalkyTina was calling for a GIFfight! last night, and today, in keeping with the #western106 theme, @mbransons called out “Draw!” and the bronco rider GIFfight! was on.  Quick to respond were @phb256 and @johnjohnston. Paul’s bronco is bucking while the world turns upside down, and John’s seems to be tumbling in a full 360º within […]
  2. Andrew Forgrave

    Enzo as Matrix as Megabyte as The Prisoner as Number One

    Ah, the Multi-Frame GIF Story assignment, Animated GIF Assignment 880. Gotta love it.  If you’ve never encountered Reboot (the first full-length, completely computer-animated TV series) then you’ll need a bit of background to fully appreciate this post and the Reboot Season 3 episode, “Number 7″, which references The Prisoner.  Reboot was ground-breaking back in the mid 90s as personal computers, […]
  3. Andrew Forgrave

    What is Going On?

    Something is going on. I have been keeping a log over the past week. You can read my ongoing log. For those who have been able to access the #VillageUnderground, there is also a shared file at /home/johnjohnston/shared.txt — You can contribute if you can navigate to that location and enable your nano editor. Perhaps we […]
  4. Andrew Forgrave

    I Can Read Televison – Free Man

    I like the “I Can Read Movies” Design Assignment 55. It’s fun to try to capture a movie (or television show) with a cover image as well as imagine the design of an old paperback book. The Basics This book cover is based on the Spacesick’s Jurassic Park rendering — I liked the black background […]
  5. Andrew Forgrave

    Terminal Waypoint

    I have continued to have success in avoiding the “sleep light” at lights out, and have made some additional progress in exploring the secret crawlspace I found beneath my cottage in The Village. After several successive evenings of further exploration, I have uncovered a vast underground labyrinth of tunnels and corridors. While I have encountered […]
  6. Andrew Forgrave

    The Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum

    The Diefenbunker (official site, Emergency Government Headquarters) is a four-story, 300 room, 100,000 square foot underground bunker, and was meant to temporarily house 535 Canadian government officials and military officers in the event of a nuclear war. Shrouded in mystery, the Diefenbunker, nicknamed after then Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, was designed and built in secrecy […]
  7. Andrew Forgrave

    BeTWEEN the Spokes of a Penny Farthing

    This is the result of this afternoon’s experimentation into the capability of Photoshop’s Timeline TWEEN function. First, what I’m about to report are the results of experimentation only. Typically I will go to the documentation (read: the Internet) when I don’t understand something, can’t make it work, and get stuck. In this case, I’ve probably […]
  8. Andrew Forgrave

    I’ve No Aversion to GIFfing

    I had a instant case of GIF-eye-tis when I saw the poor Resident twitching away in the Aversion Therapy room in the episode A Change of Mind. This one little moment says so much about how The Village seeks to control the individuals and require them to conform to the stated norms. The carrot (“like […]
  9. Andrew Forgrave

    Google Says … I am Not a Number

    I like Visual Assignment 1244: Illustrating Odd Autocompletes. I’ve done it a couple of times before, although I can’t find any examples in my Media Library and it’s not showing up in the Assignment Bank examples. Maybe it’s in the Assignment Bank more than once? Like maybe in the AnimatedGIFAssignments? For this one, I didn’t […]
  10. Andrew Forgrave

    The Collection

    At the suggestion of Jim Groom (@jimgroom, on Twitter), I have located some pleasantly-Village-esque striped shirts that members of the Summer 2015 Community may wish to investigate as potential additions to their summer/fall wardrobe. There is no guarantee as to quantity — and you will need to determine if the size you need is […]
  11. Andrew Forgrave

    I am NOT 6!!!

    When looking through the Visual Assignment bank, it seemed that the Visual Assignment 1720: Birthdays are the Worst would be most apropos for Number 6 and the episode Many Happy Returns. It asks that you “find a picture of yourself Number 6 where you he look(s) upset and use photo editing software to add a birthday hat and party decorations.” Recalling […]
  12. Andrew Forgrave

    Summer 2015 ds106 Apparel

    These are close to what I’m aiming for, but I’m wondering what folks think regarding colour choices? We’ve been using red and white on black for the site design. But I’m liking the blue for the shirt rather than black. One change I’d like to make to this design is to incorporate the logos on […]
  13. Andrew Forgrave

    3D Hyperbolic Tiling of Old Number 2

    WOW! Thanks again to Bill Smith for his leadership in finding wonderful assignments and prompts to explore here in The Village. It may be that his cottage here in The Village is in a time zone ahead of mine — either that, or his “waking music” might play a bit earlier than mine each morning. Today’s The […]
  14. Andrew Forgrave

    Number 6 Ain’t No Comic

    Bill Smith (@byzantiumbooks, on Twitter) tackled the Visual Assignment 341: Comic Book Effect earlier today, and the actual task itself popped up on my screen this evening as I was poking around in the Visual Assignments looking for my next challenge. I know I have an iOS app on my phone (called Halftone by Juicy Bits) that […]
  15. Andrew Forgrave

    Where’s Waldo? — in The Village??

    I don’t know that you’ll be able to find Waldo in this image, but perhaps you can find some differences between this image and the one that follows it. Visual Assignment 1686: Find the 6 Differences invites us to adjust an image to introduce 6 pairs of differences. It reminds us to keep a copy […]
  16. Andrew Forgrave

    GIFfing The General

    I quite enjoyed the episode entitled “The General.” And given that I’ve been seriously delinquent in keeping up with my GIFfing, I’ve decided to remedy the situation by making a few. I all but leapt into my computer screen as soon as I saw the toy bank “pass collector” in this episode. These little mechanical […]
  17. Andrew Forgrave

    Slow Motion Spill on the Party

    For Week Two: Audio Week of the Prisoner106 digital storytelling course, I poked around in the Audio Assignment Bank looking for some new tasks that I’ve not attempted before. Rather than just looking for some generic tasks, I set myself the goal of finding assignments that I could apply specifically to the context of The Village. The […]
  18. Andrew Forgrave

    That Number 2 In 3D for Prisoner106

    I was quite taken aback with the introductory video for the #Prisoner106 Week One: Assimilation Week. That getup of that Number 2 (@ds106Number2, on Twitter) was wearing and the odd behaviour Number 2 was displaying jumped right out of the screen and and gave me an immediate dose of that old #ds106 affliction of mine, GIF-eye-tis. Throw in […]
  19. Andrew Forgrave

    tdc1266: DrGarcia at Festival No. 6

    The Daily Create, tdc1266, asks us to help @DrGarcia celebrate her birthday and visualize her future. If you’ve seen GNA’s original photo with her Goonies coin, and if you understand the “Be Seeing You” reference from The Prisoner, you can see where I’m going with this one. And The Festival No 6: A Bespoke Banquet of […]
  20. Andrew Forgrave

    Prisoners in the Summer of 2015 #prisoner106

    With the wrapping up of the recent #noir106 incarnation of #ds106 Digital Storytelling at University of Mary Washington, attention turns this summer to an open online version of the course, #prisoner106. While participatiion in #ds106 open online sessions is always at the whim of external time pressures, the summer months always provide for a bit more […]
  21. Andrew Forgrave

    Another Prisoner, Welcome to Wayward Pines

    My interest in revisiting The Prisoner and #prisoner106 this summer has also been somewhat piqued by the coincidental arrival of a new television series, Wayward Pines (Wikipedia entry, Official website) on Fox. The first episode has a Secret Service agent awakening in a remote town with limited memory of how he arrived there and where everyone seems […]
  22. Andrew Forgrave

    Don Better Watch Out for Rover

    This is a combo entry for both the current #GIFfight and the summer 2015 #prisoner106. And also MBS‘ (@mbransons, on Twitter)  Namaste Don. I snagged this Rover for the background from episode 2 of the 2009 AMC remake of The Prisoner, “Harmony.”
  23. Andrew Forgrave

    The Freddy Affair, Episode 1

    Paul Bond (@phb256, on Twitter) posted a request earlier today for some #noir106 bumpers for ds106radio. After a bit of messing around, I decided that this particular project needed a new voice, and so the narration was re-recorded (and slightly modified). We always tend to be hyper-critical of our own recorded voices when we hear […]
  24. Andrew Forgrave

    A Bit of History, and Ten Little Noirs

     Nostalgia Decades ago, when I was going to school in Toronto, there was a great repertory cinema called the Nostalgic Cinema. Rather than screening newer films, the Nostalgic stuck to older 16mm films, mostly black & white — Alfred Hitchcock’s work was regularly featured to the extent that there was a framed list posted outside the screening […]
  25. Andrew Forgrave

    It’s Time for Noir106

    The cool dampness of the winter’s fog caressed the stubble on my weathered cheeks as the foghorn roused me from my stupor. Its wail was just like hers, never giving me a moments peace, no respite for the near-wicked, she would always say. I started, shifting my body upright and away from the cold, stiff concrete. […]

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