1. aishamartin0106

    It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to CT101


    The semester has finally come to an end and I’m upset to depart with CT101 and Ryan seeing as how I really enjoyed this class and have learned a lot of new skills that I never really knew before or was interested in.


    The most interesting skillset that I …

  2. aishamartin0106

    Near The End of The Semester…


    It’s almost about that time again. Another end to a successful semester. With less than a week of classes left, I’m reflecting on how this past semester was kind-of like a tug-of-war game.

    Between starting the semester with 5 classes then dropping one class because I didn’t like the course …

  3. aishamartin0106

    Missed Class to Catch up on Sleep


    Today, I missed class because last night I had a family member submitted to the Hospital because of health issues. I had to drive my mother and myself to New York-Presbyterian Queens Hospital at 11 pm to meet up with my family. The hospital was packed with people, patients and …

  4. aishamartin0106

    1990’s-2000’s Vaporwave Creation


    Today we created our own vaporwaves. If you don’t know what is a vaporwave? A Vaporwave is a microgenre of electronic music and an Internet meme that emerged in the early 2010s. The style is defined by its appropriation of 1980s and 1990s mood music styles, internet imagery glitch art, …

  5. aishamartin0106

    Vintage Travel Poster Remix


    Today in CT101, we created our own take on vintage travel posters from a DS106 assignment. We used photoshop to add our creativeness on the posters that we chose. I chose a travel poster of London, seeing as how I want to visit one day. I want to explore the …

  6. aishamartin0106

    Customizing My Website


    Today, we continued to improve and customize our websites. We added categories, menus, and plugins according to the things we plan to base on our website on whether it was for personal reasons or CT101 classwork and to improve the stability of our sites.I plan to use my site for …

  7. aishamartin0106

    My Website!


    Last week in CT101, we created our own domains/websites. From here on out, I will mostly post my coursework and other miscellaneous things such as my news articles/publications on my website which I provided below… Go check it out!



  8. aishamartin0106

    My Very Own GIF Featuring Biggie Smalls


    Today in class, I created my very own GIF featuring deceased Rap Artist… Notorious B.I.G or Biggie Smalls. I chose Biggie Smalls as one of my many inspirations because Biggie was an icon during his time by creating his own raps and representing for all East Coast rappers in the …

  9. aishamartin0106

    Panoramic Storytelling Fun


    Our assignment was to create our own panoramic story within our group during class. We came up with three different scenarios. One was a reference to the Friends Intro couch scene, another was where we were on our phones then we just started laughing randomly and lastly a group member …

  10. aishamartin0106

    DS106 Bucket List Assignment


    I completed the DS106 Bucket List Collage as seen above. These are the things I would like to do for my bucket list: Travel around the World to the U.K., Europe, Australia, and etc. I would like to see the world outside of New York City. The next image is …

  11. aishamartin0106

    Possible DS106 Assignments



    The two ds106 assignments that stood out to me were a mashup assignment called “Animoji Karoke” and a visual assignment called “Bucket List”. I screenshot the pages and their descriptions can be found under this paragraph. I think I need to relearn how to use an iPhone considering that …

  12. aishamartin0106

    Are Memes Art? I Think So!


    In my opinion, I think that memes are art. Art is a way to express yourself, your feelings or your experiences. Why can’t memes be considered art if they are a way for a person to express themselves?Art comes in many different forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, print-making, …

  13. aishamartin0106

    My Feelings About CT101 So Far


    Seeing as how this is only the second week of the Spring semester 2019 at York College. I don’t really have any reactions to the class CT101: Digital Storytelling. We still have many weeks left in the semester so I am keeping an open mind to what Ryan is going …

  14. aishamartin0106

    Television Show Obsession


    The thing that makes me happy is watching a television show or movie that I find interesting.  One of my favorite television show is “Law & Order: SVU”. Law & Order: SVU is an American crime drama television series created by Dick Wolf for NBC. It is currently the longest …

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