1. ajaweston

    Photo Essay: "My People"


    My photo essay titled “My People” is a reflection of the people I care most about in their natural state. I did not tell any of them how to pose, or to pose at all. I wanted to convey their true essence and their true feeling, so I told them…
  2. ajaweston

    Three Conflict Photographs


    In class on Monday, we had discussed the homework assignment after analyzing the photo with the model and elephant, particularly the contrasts between the delicate, smooth-skinned model, and the rough, wild elephants.

    I was under the impression that our homework assignment was to take three different photos of strong contrasts/conflict, …

  3. ajaweston

    Response to "Masters of Photography: Diane Arbus"

    Photograph of Diane Arbus, CC Allan Arbus/The Estate of Diane Arbus, LLC

    Although I was overall not very impressed with this video about Diane Arbus, I think there are a few interesting points worth talking about:

    According to the video, technique comes from choices deep down inside, and a lot…

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