1. asdry20

    Kpop Club Performs Once Again at Club Fair!!!!!


    I had the honor to put together a kpop dance performance with the rest of the members from kpop club, for Club fair!!! The process was very long, since a lot of the people taking part in the performance were not necessarily dancers. I was very scared that we would …

  2. asdry20

    GIF= Get Creative!!!!


    This past week I created another GIF!!!! This time it seemed as if there were far more steps to take, but overall, I think it just felt that way because I was actually trying to not make such a simple GIF as last time and to use as many different …

  3. asdry20

    Park Jimin is Always Glowing GIF Portrait


    In every CT class I always learn something new, which is one of the main reasons why I love this class!!! I always walk out knowing how to do something new on my own! this week, the task was to create an animated GIF, even though there were a lot …

  4. asdry20

    Panoramic Storytelling

    I learned something super cool in class this past     week!!!!!

    I had no idea that one could use the panorama setting on our phones to multiply the subjects into one image frame, it’s the coolest thing ever!! to know that this is done without photoshop and it’s so easy to …

  5. asdry20

    First Impression of CT101


    Coming into the class I had no idea what to expect, I’ve always been interested in increasing my technology knowledge, and how to be more creative and use it to my own advantage in as many ways as I could. I saw that we were going to be using Macs …

  6. asdry20

    Making MEMES is SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

    Today I created my first MEME!!                    

    I had so much fun creating this meme, I honestly cant wait to create more!!! It was a really fun process!!! picking a picture of interest, editing the image to your liking, selecting color and fonts, and a bunch of other fun things. I …

  7. asdry20



    DANCE is one of the things that makes me happy!!!!!!! I find myself watching dance videos for hours on end…. learning dances every week. I think I lost count on how many dances I’ve learned. Dancing allows me to express myself in ways that words dont allow me to. Is …

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