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  1. ashleighengels

    As Ds106 Comes to and end…

    Final Summary! Oh Ds106, this has been a memorable semester for sure. I have learned so much coming out of just this one class, and I can honestly say this class has taught me more of what I will be using in the real world than almost any other class I have taken throughout the years […]
  2. ashleighengels

    From then to Now

    Where Are They Now? 4 Stars Video Assignment To complete my final project I chose to do a video of pictures and other video clips of who and what Brooke Davis has made of herself from the time she started filming the first episode of One Tree Hill, to the made up afterlife of Brooke […]
  3. ashleighengels

    Runway Mix

    Music Mash  3 Stars Mashup Assignment For one of Brooke’s final steps of preparation for her big day was creating a playlist for her part of the fashion show. I decided to create a music mash up clip of what the music would be like at the show. I didn’t want to make it an […]
  4. ashleighengels

    Dream Vacation? More Like Dream Job

    Create Your Dream Vacation On Pinterest!  3 Stars Web Assignment A HUGE part of Brooke preparing for her time on the runway, she had to think of what outfits she wanted to show off, what hair styles she wanted the girls to have and how their makeup would be done. These were all the thoughts […]
  5. ashleighengels

    C/B Website Banner

    Website Banner 4 Stars Design Assignment The website banner was the start of something new for Brooke Davis. She had a website before the big news she received from the invitation, but nothing that could be shown to the fashion world. I chose pictures that would represent what Clothes over Bros, as a company, is, […]
  6. ashleighengels

    Who’s Invited…YOU ARE!

    You’re Invited! 3.5 Stars Design Assignment After reminiscing on the postcard from here past, I thought it was a great idea to have an invitation in the mail a few days later that would change Brooke’s life…forever. I created an invitation  to none other than the world famous New York Fashion Week. The thought of […]
  7. ashleighengels

    When I Grow Up…I Want To Be Famous

    What I Want To Be When I Grow Up 2.5 Stars Design Assignment Using a postcard from the past was a great opportunity to spark Brooke Davis’ motivation to fulfil those dreams of hers, and to never give up. I made the postcard a lot about what my final project story was shaping into because […]
  8. ashleighengels

    What’s your love?

    Love: In Three Frames 3 Stars Visual Assignment I chose three pictures that I thought summed up a relationship that summed up Brooke Davis. Honestly, this was completely easy. My final project was going to be about Brooke fulfilling a lifelong dream of having her own clothing line, making her own clothes, and presenting them […]
  9. ashleighengels

    B. Davis Making Dreams Come True

    This Is How To Make Dreams Come True   Love: In Three Frames 3 Stars Visual Assignment These frames show who Brooke Davis was towards the end of the series, One Tree Hill. Her love was for fashion; not only fashion but her own clothing line, “Clothes Over Bros.” She took that fashion line that […]
  10. ashleighengels

    Am I Mashing Up Weeks 13 & 14?

    The last 2 weeks have flown by… Some exercises to start off the week Here are is my conversation and thoughts of remixes and mash ups Using Popcorn to help Alan go on vacation Remix Generator and My 10 seconds of thanks My Mashup Assignments that total 9 stars A Changing Character – 4.5 Stars […]
  11. ashleighengels

    What is Remix?

    I had a short conversation with my sister on what I thought about the words remix and mash up. The reason it didn’t last that long was because to me, everything is a remix and/or a mash up. She even had asked a great question about my boyfriend Chris working on cars and if I […]
  12. ashleighengels

    The New Creation of Mine

    Vine It Then Combine It! I created a new assignment this week and was definitely more on the excited side to complete it. My assignment was a Mashup Assignment in favor of our main topics of these past two weeks assignments (remixes and mash ups). The goal of the assignment was to create 2 or […]
  13. ashleighengels

    A little How-to on switching up the mood

    Here is how to switch up the mood… Here is a quick and easy way to complete the Switch Up The Mood visual assignment! I used an existing photo I had saved onto my computer just to use as an example, but use any picture you already have or take a new picture of anything […]
  14. ashleighengels

    Your 10 seconds is really my 13 seconds

    10 Second Song Mashup – 3 Stars For my final mashup assignment, I chose to create a mashup of 5 songs which all lasted between 2-3 seconds. I chose this assignment because music is a huge part of my life. I am one of those people that music motivates, not only to get things done […]
  15. ashleighengels

    Mashing Up Some Teams

    3 Stars For my second Mashup Assignment, I chose to complete Your Favorite Teams Mashup. I am a huge sports fan and have been pretty much since I was born. I grew up with my whole family being into all different sports, but some are my favorite to watch are football and hockey, but I love […]
  16. ashleighengels

    The beginning and end of Brooke Davis

    A Changing Character – 4.5 Stars For my first mashup assignment, I decided to give A Changing Character a shot. 9 seasons of One Tree Hill came and went, in which I watched every single episode of each season, and now it is all over with. My favorite character through the entire show was Brooke […]
  17. ashleighengels

    Popcorn isn’t always a good thing….

    Where Should Alan Go On Vacation? …Not anywhere with popcorn, that is for certain! When I think of popcorn, I think of a delicious snack, especially one of which is extremely tasty during a movie. Well, my thoughts of popcorn right now have gone completely downhill. Mozilla Popcorn Maker is one of the worst tools […]
  18. ashleighengels

    Another 2 Weeks Have Passed, 11 & 12 :)

    Week 11 & Week 12 Come Together As One Have a Conversation With Yourself Show Your Skills But First, Let Me Take a Selfie The Hangover Assignment I Am Me Vine It Daily Creates These two weeks have definitely been the most challenging. Before learning any of the aspects of videos and recording, I didn’t think […]
  19. ashleighengels

    Who likes talking to themselves?

    Have A Conversation With Yourself – 5 stars Can I just say, out of all the assignments I have done this semester for ds106, I came super close to HATING this assignment. I worked on this the entire day today, not knowing how to convert the video into one whole video with the overlaying of […]
  20. ashleighengels

    Daily Creates – Week 11&12 :)

    What’s Your Flag? – The flag I created was somewhat simple. I decided to use the flowers that I love to draw and my favorite color pink along with an accent of stars surrounding the flowers. If I was able to have my own flag, I would make it simple yet girly-ish as the one […]
  21. ashleighengels

    100% Reason to Remember the Name

    What’s Your Skills? – 4.5 Stars             Ever since I was 5 years old, softball has always been a passion to me. I started out playing tee ball and worked my way up to playing softball in a county league, and then making my way to travel softball at age 8. I started out as […]
  22. ashleighengels

    Stop and Take a Selfie

    But First, Let Me Take a Selfie - 2 Stars Selfies are here and selfies are there, anywhere you go nowadays, selfies are the center of picture taking. I absolutely loved this assignment because not only am I master of taking selfies anywhere and everywhere, but I also know the bad places to take a […]
  23. ashleighengels

    Sunday Morning Hangover

    The Hangover Assignment – 4.5 stars While searching through the ds106 assignment bank, I came across this assignment and knew it’d be perfect for me! I absolutely love the movie The Hangover and my boyfriend and I were already planning on having a bunch of friends over on Saturday night to have a little party […]
  24. ashleighengels

    I am Me

    I Am Me! – 4.5 Stars > I am not sure there will ever be enough pictures, videos, music and/or time to show the person I am and the things I like. With that said, I am a person who loves anything and everything and I am always up for trying new things. I am a […]
  25. ashleighengels

    Vine it!

    Vine it! for 3 stars For starters, I only knew about the Vine application because of my boyfriend and his friends when they always watch these videos. So when I saw this was an assignment, I jumped at it because I wanted to see what all the talk was about it, and being able to create my […]
  26. ashleighengels

    Goodbye Week 10

    Daily Creates! Look, Listen & Analyze – I Am Legend Exploring I Am Legend Even More… Youtube Genres Hampton’s Handyman Radio Show Review! Pre-Production (Assignment Set-up) Mary Hauntington Review For the time and effort my group, DigiEagles, put into our radio show, I was very proud with how it turned out. We all cooperated and […]
  27. ashleighengels

    Week 10 full of Daily Creates

    Halloween Color Walk! For my Halloween Walk, I took pictures throughout the day and combined then into one collage of the color orange. One picture is of my nephew wearing a orange shirt, another of a full pumpkin and candy corn. I also took a picture of the pumpkin I carved with the word “drink” in it. […]
  28. ashleighengels

    Bring on the video editing

    Here is a little pre-production! Vine it! For this assignment, I will be using a collection photos from a certain day next week (one I find more on the interesting side) and will be making them into the six-second vine video. I will have to download the Vine App onto either my phone or my […]
  29. ashleighengels

    Anyone Need a Handyman?

    Listening to Hampton’s Handyman on Ds106 Radio… I love how the introduction started, the way the host had to keep on trying to get the handyman’s attention. The use of the different voices made the radio show constantly interesting and entertaining. The use of taking a general idea of always needing a handyman and what […]

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