1. ayu7kaji

    Is it ever gonna be enough?



    I was doing research for myself, making a note of things I would ideally want to buy if I had a 100,000 bucks…

    A hundred thousand sounds too much when you have to spend on a phone or a laptop, but sounds too little when you have a bigger …

  2. ayu7kaji

    I did what?!


    Okay, I know I’ve said this is in a previous post – I bought an iPhone.

    Yes, I know! I bought an iPhone when I have been discouraging my colleagues!!! Oh god, what have I done? Why God, Why???!!!

    Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way, I’ll …

  3. ayu7kaji

    Insurance for my Phone?


    You know those times when you eat your own words?

    Yeah, I had those last week.

    My colleague was looking out to buy a new phone and he kept saying he wanted an iPhone. An iPhone in India, means you’re rich. It means you spent nearly 1,00,000 Indian Rupees for …

  4. ayu7kaji

    Hoysala Central: Belur & Halebeedu


    Hi All,

    This is a post I’ve been putting off for a while now.

    This is a weekend trip I made to the historic places Belur & Halebeedu to admire and gaze at the majestic temples and incredibly detailed architecture of the Hoysala Empire.

    I will detail my journey through …

  5. ayu7kaji

    Head Against the Wall


    Are there times when you are so exasperated that you just go and put your head against the wall and curse in a low voice?

    Well, I’ve been having them A LOT lately – especially last week.

    This is the tail end of a two-hour long discussion with a colleague …

  6. ayu7kaji

    You Keep Going.


    When you’ve waited and waited, and see that neither your time nor your willingness to wait meant nothing to them, that’s when you stop.

    When you’ve seen so many of them and none of them prove you wrong in your belief that they’re all liars, that’s when you stop.

    When …

  7. ayu7kaji

    Thanks for that!


    Hey to the person sitting right next to my cubicle.

    Guess what, it’s been a delight listening to you diss me.

    Your euphemisms for me like “expert”, “specialist”, “gold medalist” etc are all just “heartwarming” to listen to.

    I guess you think you’re all that and I assure you, you …

  8. ayu7kaji

    Oh…the comments I’ve heard


    Comments I’ve heard and tried not being offended because of it. I found that not reacting to them were better than dignifying them with responses.

    Got proof that chauvinistic/racist/sexist comments are made by both men and women and that it’s not the gender but the small-mindedness that comes out.

    Mr …

  9. ayu7kaji

    One Year and a New Belt


    One fine morning, as I clatter away on my keyboard, I get a mail that said – “Congratulations! It’s been a year…” and I go “Say what?!”.

    It has been a year. A year. A YEAR!

    If you ask me what happened during that one year, it’s all a big …

  10. ayu7kaji



    Do you know what Heaven is?

    Heaven is opening your wardrobe and seeing the clothes you bought for yourself using your own money.

    Do you know what Heaven is?

    Heaven is coming home after a long, tiring day and seeing there is tea ready for you.

    Do you know what …

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