1. ayu7kaji

    Oh…the comments I’ve heard


    Comments I’ve heard and tried not being offended because of it. I found that not reacting to them were better than dignifying them with responses.

    Got proof that chauvinistic/racist/sexist comments are made by both men and women and that it’s not the gender but the small-mindedness that comes out.

    Mr …

  2. ayu7kaji

    One Year and a New Belt


    One fine morning, as I clatter away on my keyboard, I get a mail that said – “Congratulations! It’s been a year…” and I go “Say what?!”.

    It has been a year. A year. A YEAR!

    If you ask me what happened during that one year, it’s all a big …

  3. ayu7kaji



    Do you know what Heaven is?

    Heaven is opening your wardrobe and seeing the clothes you bought for yourself using your own money.

    Do you know what Heaven is?

    Heaven is coming home after a long, tiring day and seeing there is tea ready for you.

    Do you know what …

  4. ayu7kaji

    Choosing to not choose


    I had always thought great of those who pursued their dreams and had turned their backs on responsibilities…more importantly societal pressure.

    But then I remember that they gave up many many other things for that one single goal of theirs.

    I honestly will tell you, though I would love to …

  5. ayu7kaji

    On Moving & Moving On


    It’s not really a thing I can boast of, but…I pack really well. I am a great PACKER.

    It might be because of all the times I moved, the countless hours I have spent just fitting things where they weren’t or maybe the countless scrapes,nicks and curses followed by a …

  6. ayu7kaji

    Wanting to be Immortal


    Isn’t it natural?

    To want to meet yourself, to want to see yourself through someone else’s eyes, to know what others think when they see you – the first time, every time, the last time?

    I want to.

    I would often ask those friends whom I can trust to tell …

  7. ayu7kaji

    A matter of Food and Death


    Why Food and Death? Because Food means “Life” and “Love” and because I love food.

    For someone who loves variety in eating, it’s very difficult to survive. Why? Because you need a new flavor everyday, and you get bored with the daily menu. And the usual cafes, restaurants all seem …

  8. ayu7kaji

    It’s called getting ‘played’


    I got played. It was a work context, it was just a colleague – but I thought that it still should be called getting played.

    I was neatly maneuvered into a corner. Very neatly. And I went into this whole thing willingly. How stupid could I get?

    These are the …

  9. ayu7kaji

    Why God, why?


    There are always times in your life when you plan, plan, plan so much that ultimately it never happens. And you throw your hands up and say in exasperation – Why God, why?!

    So me and my friend decided to leave from work early (Okay…maybe I can’t call it leaving …

  10. ayu7kaji

    The Mask Becomes You


    Hi Guys,

    It’s been an eventful yet calm New Year. With many changes coming in, I’ve been in this pensive mood for a while now.

    It started when a colleague assumed that the mask I don at the workplace is how I really am, and when I realized that my …

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