1. ayu7kaji

    Happy New Year!



    Wishing everyone a very happy new year…

    No big posts, no random rambles…just wishing that you, whoever you are, have a good year ahead just because.



  2. ayu7kaji

    Snow on my Bucket List


    Hello December!!!

    It’s Christmas season (though not such a big deal here) and it’s winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As I write this post, I take a break every now and then and enjoy the way my mug of hot chocolate warms my fingers.

    It doesn’t snow here – the part on India where …

  3. ayu7kaji

    Keep it to yourself!



    Sometimes, you get a hit from life, a proverbial slap for being naive and for trusting people.

    I have seen many friends who do not know the meaning of keep your mouth shut.

    Somehow, you’d expect your friends to be on your side, right? And not advertise stuff.

    No. …

  4. ayu7kaji

    Eternally Grateful it didn’t happen!!!



    Something that makes you realise that everything happened for a reason. The only reason why I still believe things that are not turning out right, right now, are for a reason.

    Because, always, always, in hindsight, I found that they shaped my life, changed me who I was for …

  5. ayu7kaji

    Seriously?!! Again…?


    In connection to an old post I once made Really? I did that???, I still am amazed at the way people are so silly!

    What happened now?

    Oh man…2 incidents actually.

    Scene #1

    Actors: Me, S & N (Work friends), A (Colleague)

    S, has been facing family pressure to …

  6. ayu7kaji

    How to get away?


    Hi guys….and girls……

    I’m not sure I know how to get away from toxic people at the work place.

    I find myself searching on Google ‘How to deal with mean people’ every now and then. Somehow the options given – ‘File a case’, ‘Complain to the higher ups’, ‘Quit the …

  7. ayu7kaji

    Hits me in the feels!


    Hey everybody!

    Hope ya’ll are doing great.

    So I’m talking about what happened to me over a long weekend. You know what that means right?

    Usually, long weekends are for trips, shopping, catching up with friends or movies. But this time I decided to stay back at home and chill.…

  8. ayu7kaji

    Time for some new friends…


    Why bother?
    Why bother asking me, when you don’t want to ask me?
    Why bother waiting for them, when they don’t wait for you?
    Why bother saying you’re hanging out with friends, when you don’t want me to be part of it?

    Oh yes, there is no worse feeling than …

  9. ayu7kaji

    When 3 months seem like 90 days


    Because you feel like you’ve been in a place for so long that you don’t remember the time before, but when you actually count it’s just been a few months.

    That’s how I feel now. I’ve been in this city for 3 short months, but I feel like I’ve always …

  10. ayu7kaji

    Getting it right


    So what am I trying to get it right?

    Work, Time, Life in general.

    I thought I would be the type of person who would instinctively know how time management is done. Wrong!

    I should have known myself more than others. When I told myself I wouldn’t get bogged down …

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