1. ayu7kaji

    Welcome to The Office.


    If you do any of these things, trust me I understand your pain. Truly.

    When you have to come early and stay late at office not because you have work but because you’re expected to. When it’s perfectly acceptable for people to have an in-person meeting during the weekend for…
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    What is that one moment that you carry with you forever?

    That one moment which is always your go-to instant when everything was gilded in gold and time seemed still.

    For me there were thousands.

    Thousands of memories where my belly fluttered and my head swam.
    Maybe from excitement, maybe …

  3. ayu7kaji

    Don’t listen to them


    They’ll be the ones who make an effort to come and talk to you, not because they care, they pretend to.

    Because they want to hear some news from you.

    They talk in such a nice and unassuming manner, you’ll be fooled into thinking they’re good.

    They talk so softly, …

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    I always talk about holding on, because I cannot afford to let go.

    I have spoken before on my work situation, and how I had to hold on for a while longer and things will get better. It’s not. I’m just tired now. I’m just sad now. And it permeates …

  5. ayu7kaji

    Monsoon Memories: A Poem


    The streets keep gleaming,

    I can feel the ghosts cheering

    The sounds that can be heard,

    Echo in the ear

    Dripping, dropping, swishing, slashing

    Life keeps still as calm

    Thrum of strings

    Be faintly heard, and

    Disappear into the night

    Hopes belong to loves lost long

    Breaths of life fill …

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    Office aka Arctic Circle


    The first one hour would be fine, because you would be too busy with work to notice anything. It’s when your energy and time starts slowly sliding into the second wind phase that it creeps upon you. And creeping is right.

    The chill starts at your feet and fingers. You …

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    Lemon, Rug.


    The past 6-7 months of my life has been a series of lemons being squeezed into my eyes and rugs being pulled under me. Hence the title.

    It might sound amusing. But it was stressful.

    Long story short, I had a great work opportunity come my way (new role, better …

  8. ayu7kaji

    Is it ever gonna be enough?



    I was doing research for myself, making a note of things I would ideally want to buy if I had a 100,000 bucks…

    A hundred thousand sounds too much when you have to spend on a phone or a laptop, but sounds too little when you have a bigger …

  9. ayu7kaji

    I did what?!


    Okay, I know I’ve said this is in a previous post – I bought an iPhone.

    Yes, I know! I bought an iPhone when I have been discouraging my colleagues!!! Oh god, what have I done? Why God, Why???!!!

    Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way, I’ll …

  10. ayu7kaji

    Insurance for my Phone?


    You know those times when you eat your own words?

    Yeah, I had those last week.

    My colleague was looking out to buy a new phone and he kept saying he wanted an iPhone. An iPhone in India, means you’re rich. It means you spent nearly 1,00,000 Indian Rupees for …

  11. ayu7kaji

    Hoysala Central: Belur & Halebeedu


    Hi All,

    This is a post I’ve been putting off for a while now.

    This is a weekend trip I made to the historic places Belur & Halebeedu to admire and gaze at the majestic temples and incredibly detailed architecture of the Hoysala Empire.

    I will detail my journey through …

  12. ayu7kaji

    Head Against the Wall


    Are there times when you are so exasperated that you just go and put your head against the wall and curse in a low voice?

    Well, I’ve been having them A LOT lately – especially last week.

    This is the tail end of a two-hour long discussion with a colleague …

  13. ayu7kaji

    You Keep Going.


    When you’ve waited and waited, and see that neither your time nor your willingness to wait meant nothing to them, that’s when you stop.

    When you’ve seen so many of them and none of them prove you wrong in your belief that they’re all liars, that’s when you stop.

    When …

  14. ayu7kaji

    Thanks for that!


    Hey to the person sitting right next to my cubicle.

    Guess what, it’s been a delight listening to you diss me.

    Your euphemisms for me like “expert”, “specialist”, “gold medalist” etc are all just “heartwarming” to listen to.

    I guess you think you’re all that and I assure you, you …

  15. ayu7kaji

    Oh…the comments I’ve heard


    Comments I’ve heard and tried not being offended because of it. I found that not reacting to them were better than dignifying them with responses.

    Got proof that chauvinistic/racist/sexist comments are made by both men and women and that it’s not the gender but the small-mindedness that comes out.

    Mr …

  16. ayu7kaji

    One Year and a New Belt


    One fine morning, as I clatter away on my keyboard, I get a mail that said – “Congratulations! It’s been a year…” and I go “Say what?!”.

    It has been a year. A year. A YEAR!

    If you ask me what happened during that one year, it’s all a big …

  17. ayu7kaji



    Do you know what Heaven is?

    Heaven is opening your wardrobe and seeing the clothes you bought for yourself using your own money.

    Do you know what Heaven is?

    Heaven is coming home after a long, tiring day and seeing there is tea ready for you.

    Do you know what …

  18. ayu7kaji

    Choosing to not choose


    I had always thought great of those who pursued their dreams and had turned their backs on responsibilities…more importantly societal pressure.

    But then I remember that they gave up many many other things for that one single goal of theirs.

    I honestly will tell you, though I would love to …

  19. ayu7kaji

    On Moving & Moving On


    It’s not really a thing I can boast of, but…I pack really well. I am a great PACKER.

    It might be because of all the times I moved, the countless hours I have spent just fitting things where they weren’t or maybe the countless scrapes,nicks and curses followed by a …

  20. ayu7kaji

    Wanting to be Immortal


    Isn’t it natural?

    To want to meet yourself, to want to see yourself through someone else’s eyes, to know what others think when they see you – the first time, every time, the last time?

    I want to.

    I would often ask those friends whom I can trust to tell …

  21. ayu7kaji

    A matter of Food and Death


    Why Food and Death? Because Food means “Life” and “Love” and because I love food.

    For someone who loves variety in eating, it’s very difficult to survive. Why? Because you need a new flavor everyday, and you get bored with the daily menu. And the usual cafes, restaurants all seem …

  22. ayu7kaji

    It’s called getting ‘played’


    I got played. It was a work context, it was just a colleague – but I thought that it still should be called getting played.

    I was neatly maneuvered into a corner. Very neatly. And I went into this whole thing willingly. How stupid could I get?

    These are the …

  23. ayu7kaji

    Why God, why?


    There are always times in your life when you plan, plan, plan so much that ultimately it never happens. And you throw your hands up and say in exasperation – Why God, why?!

    So me and my friend decided to leave from work early (Okay…maybe I can’t call it leaving …

  24. ayu7kaji

    The Mask Becomes You


    Hi Guys,

    It’s been an eventful yet calm New Year. With many changes coming in, I’ve been in this pensive mood for a while now.

    It started when a colleague assumed that the mask I don at the workplace is how I really am, and when I realized that my …

  25. ayu7kaji

    Hangover Care for Binge-watchers


    Hello Hello!

    This weekend, for the first time in a loooong time, I binge-watched a K-Drama.

    Yes, I love K-Dramas. Yes, I am a fan-girl. Yes, I have crushes on all the guys I have seen in Dramas, Movies, Animes and Mangas. Am I a kid? No. Am I a …

  26. ayu7kaji

    Happy New Year!



    Wishing everyone a very happy new year…

    No big posts, no random rambles…just wishing that you, whoever you are, have a good year ahead just because.



  27. ayu7kaji

    Snow on my Bucket List


    Hello December!!!

    It’s Christmas season (though not such a big deal here) and it’s winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As I write this post, I take a break every now and then and enjoy the way my mug of hot chocolate warms my fingers.

    It doesn’t snow here – the part on India where …

  28. ayu7kaji

    Keep it to yourself!



    Sometimes, you get a hit from life, a proverbial slap for being naive and for trusting people.

    I have seen many friends who do not know the meaning of keep your mouth shut.

    Somehow, you’d expect your friends to be on your side, right? And not advertise stuff.

    No. …

  29. ayu7kaji

    Eternally Grateful it didn’t happen!!!



    Something that makes you realise that everything happened for a reason. The only reason why I still believe things that are not turning out right, right now, are for a reason.

    Because, always, always, in hindsight, I found that they shaped my life, changed me who I was for …

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